How to reach Agra

The explosion of colors in Agra should overwhelm you, but instead, it emerges as a spectacular show of culture that can’t help but bewitch its way into your heart. Known for the magnificent monuments of the Mughal era, the local bits and pieces of this city of love are equally delightful, complete in their perfectly fascinating nature

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As you walk through the local markets, you are introduced to the vibrant cycle rickshaws that are commonly used in the city for short distance travels. You may see a man on a scooter desperately trying to weave his way through the traffic of people, who, dressed in the various hues of the color palette, are captivated by the beautiful artifacts that adorn the shops. These are stores that turn even the narrowest lanes into memorable destinations.Go a little further and you are sure to come across the enticing aroma of the sweets characteristic of Agra. As you wipe the drool off your face, prepare yourself for other attractions as the crowded bylanes open up to colossal buildings that instantly transport you back in history.A city like Agra introduces one to sights that are enchanting while being exceedingly amusing. As you go for a ride in the cycle rickshaws, the charm unfolds right before your eyes. Tourists wander around with an awestruck look on their faces, wanting to sample everything from the tempting sweets to the pretty accessories in the stores, even as the vendors try their best to make a good sale.Taking a walk through this cultural milieu, you step right into history as you visit the monuments Agra is best known for. The Taj Mahal lives up to its name and you are sure to be left enthralled. There are other spectacular sights to behold like the Red Fort, and Fatehpur Sikri as well. The Roman Catholic Cemetery (the Red Taj Mahal) and Chausat Khambha are some of the lesser known monuments that are also breathtakingly beautiful.Agra is a city that demands to be experienced and savored. Being on foot is the way to visit the markets. For longer journeys, you could try out taxis or the environment-friendly green-and-yellow auto rickshaws which run on CNG, or opt for buses, which are run by the Agra Municipal Corporation. For shorter distances, there are the cycle rickshaws on which you could enjoy the sights as they go by. Fares could be expensive and may need negotiation. Keep in mind that no polluting vehicles are allowed near the Taj Mahal, so you may need to take electric autos to reach the location.Be wary of pickpockets as you make your way to popular, crowded destinations.Carefully negotiate travel fares as well as prices in stores as they tend to be unreasonably high, especially for tourists. The vendors and hawkers can be persistent.Be aware of poor quality and fake souvenirs made of cheap materials

Connectivity Information

Reaching Agra By Flight

Agra is well connected to other major cities of the country via regular flights.

Airports: Agra Airport

Reaching Agra By Train

You can easily get regular trains to Agra from other major cities of the country..

Railway Station(s): Agra Cantt , Raja Ki Mandi , Agra Fort , Idgah Agra Jn , Agra City , Yamuna Bdg Agra