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The bitter Hospitality

by Anshubal on Apr 15, 2014

The air conditioning is bad even in the new rooms. The bathrooms seems to be made new. The rooms that are renovated newly are good. I stayed in Room number ... more

Go somewhere else

by Marie E on Jan 08, 2014

Bedroom was average, a/c wasn't working, bathroom was horrible with a giant hole in our bathtub, almost no light and the flush water was out.
Staff at the reception was unhelpful. ... more

Beauty is just skin deep in this hotel

by scubed82 on Mar 20, 2013

Thanks to the Maha Kumbh Mela, I was unable to get rooms in my usual preference of Taj Gateway or the Radisson in Varanasi. Given that I was just going ... more

Weird Place

by Ell148 on Apr 23, 2013

What a weird hotel!? Really modern lobby that makes you think, yeah this is gonna be nice...then the bedrooms are average and bathroom foul, lots of appliances did not work ... more

Rude staff members and below average accommodation

by CharCoops88 on Mar 20, 2013

pro-beautiful pool! -- beware of prying eyes is construction site next door

Restaurant didn't speak very good English- my partner got very sick after eating here too-- but we can't be ... more

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