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Its not horrible, but also not really special and far from city centre!

by SylviaSSvd on Dec 11, 2013

Staff at the reception is rude! They should learn some manners, also the staff in the restaurant should learn better english and be friendlier. The doorman and the ... more

Pack ur bags and stay elsewhere

by Jenn L on Mar 20, 2014

We were victim of bait and switch- told another hotel, and last min was brought here cuz the other one was "full".
Anyways, grimy, lacking hot water and not the ... more

Well think before decide

by Piotr W on Dec 13, 2013

We have been moved into this Hotel from previous one which completely didn't meet 3 start category. That Hotel turned out a little better. However it's still not pleasant place. ... more

Just don't

by smilechezza11 on Dec 04, 2013

Can't think when we have stayed in a worse hotel. Small room, no natural light, overhead fan works but not the airconditioner, toilet seat not attached to toilet, shower didn't ... more

Worst Hotel I have ever stayed at!

by RBrookie on Nov 30, 2013

This hotel is horrible! The staff is not friendly, there was not hot water, the food got me sick, far away from city made it difficult to get around, the ... more

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