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Homestays in Gangtok

Homestays in Gangtok

Ask any seasoned traveller in India about their top most beautiful cities, and you are sure to find Gangtok among them. As the capital of Sikkim, Gangtok enjoys immense popularity with tourists of all varieties. If you happen to be there at any time of the year, you are sure to find people from various regions of India as well as the world there. With so much tourism going on, it is only natural for the city to have a booming hospitality industry.

While Gangtok hotels have traditionally dominated this market, homestays in Gangtok have come up in recent years. As such, they are giving stiff competition to the biggest names in this industry because of the unique value and experiences they provide. Unlike commercial rented accommodations, Gangtok homestays offer a more native approach to experiencing the wonderful city. This alone sets them apart from others and gives them a distinct reputation.

Homestays are the best for people who want to spend little and experience the most. Further, they give insights into the culture, tradition and history of the city in ways that none can match. That is why Gangtok homestays have become the preferred rented accommodations for a wide section of travellers.

But just because these homestays are inexpensive does not mean they offer any less in terms of facilities. Let us run you through some of the essential facilities that you can enjoy in them.

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Tamang House Homestay

Tamang House Homestay

  • 2,790 km from Nathula pass
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4.0 Very Good
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Gangtok: An Unparalleled Experience

Gangtok is a city that is urbanizing rapidly. Further, the large numbers of domestic and international tourists who come there expect a decent standard of facilities. That is why most homestays in Gangtok provide all the basic facilities that you would expect.

These will always include spotless rooms with good furnishing and all other essential amenities like fridge, AC and TV. Depending on the location of your chosen homestay, it might also offer stunning views of the surrounding panorama.

However, these are not the things that set homestays apart. You can find these at any Gangtok hotel as well albeit at a higher price. What sets Gangtok homestays apart is the hospitality they offer. When you rent up such a place, you can be sure they will offer you the most authentic local cuisine and that too at an unbeatable price.

Many people who rent homestays end up making lifelong connections with their hosts. Truth be told, homestays in Gangtok get a lot of their business by word of mouth. Also, the hosts know this and try their best to give you the most amazing experience they can. All of this makes for the perfect trip for most, if not all, travellers.

Homestays are the Best for a Stay

With so many benefits and an unparalleled travel experience, you would expect homestays to always be in demand. And you would be right to assume so. While new homestays open up during the tourist season, the best ones get booked way before the season starts and have no vacancy all throughout. So, you need to book early. This will not only secure your lodging but may even get you a discount as well.

Seeing as you are already here, you can use our search bar to find the best homestays in Gangtok. You will find out all you need to know about popular Gangtok homestays like Tamang House and will be able to make a smart decision. Also, be sure to check out Cleartrip for any additional discounts, coupons or cashback benefits. These can help you save even more money. So go ahead and make that search right now!

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