Vistara Airlines Baggages Allowance

Vistara Baggage Policy

Embarking on a journey with premium domestic carrier Vistara can be a unique experience. The world-class in-flight facilities ensure a truly wonderful time onboard. While the experience is bound to be special, have you sorted out your baggage queries? Very often, carrying excess baggage or items that go against an airline’s luggage policy could slow you down and be quite disconcerting. To avoid such a scenario, take a look at Vistara’s baggage policy before stuffing that heavy sports gear inside.

Checked luggage allowance

The check-in baggage rules for Vistara flights differ as per your cabin class booking. If you are traveling via Business Class, the limit is 30 kgs or less. However, if you are traveling via Premium Economy Class, your checked luggage should not weigh more than 20 kgs. If you’re an Economy Class passenger, the allowance is 15 kgs.

Cabin luggage allowance

The hand baggage allowance is 1 piece weighing 7 kgs or less. Apart from this, you have the option of carrying 1 of the personal items from the range of items listed under Vistara’s baggage allowance. This includes an overcoat/wrap, lady’s handbag, a blanket/rug, binoculars/camera, reading material, walking stick, and medicines, besides other things.

It is important that you ensure your hand baggage conforms to the dimensions limit i.e. 55 x 40 x 20 cms. Note that the same cabin baggage rules are applicable to children, barring infants.

Restricted items

Vistara has applied a stringent set of rules for goods that can and cannot be carried as baggage for passenger safety. This includes sporting goods, tools, sharp objects, guns/firearm, self-defense/martial arts items, besides other things.

Follow these guidelines to maintain safety and convenience on the journey. If you exceed your luggage allowance, you will have to pay a fee as per our cabin class. For more details on the luggage policy of Vistara, click here.


1. What is the cabin baggage allowance at Vistara Airlines?

Vistara Airlines allows hand baggage of 7kg in Economy and 12kg in Premium Economy and Business classes.

2. What is the check-in baggage allowance at Vistara Airlines?

The check-in baggage allowance for Economy is 15kg, Premium Economy is 20kg, and 30kg for Business classes.

3. What is the charge for excess baggage at Vistara Airlines?

Vistara Airlines charges INR 300 per kg for excess baggage irrespective of sector or class.

4. How can I purchase prepaid excess baggage?

You can purchase prepaid excess baggage at and select your choice from the given options. The prepaid options come in different price ranges according to the weight and class you are traveling in.

5. What should I do if my baggage is damaged?

For damaged baggage, you will need to contact the Vistara personnel in the arrival hall.

6. What should I do, if my baggage is lost/delayed?

Vistara Airlines takes care of your baggage and ensures that it reaches you safely. But, in case your baggage does not arrive, you will have to report this to the Vistara personnel at the arrival hall.

7. What is the policy of carrying fragile/valuable items?

Customers are requested to not to carry fragile or valuable items in check-in baggage. At the time of check-in, customers are requested to sign a ‘Limited Release Tag’ (LRT) for fragile goods