SpiceJet Baggages Allowance

SpiceJet Baggages Allowance

SpiceJet Baggage Policy

Traveling could be cumbersome if you don’t have the right information at hand. This is particularly relevant to air travel. If you’re flying with SpiceJet, review these baggage rules so that you have a hassle-free journey from start to finish.

Checked luggage allowance for international flights

SpiceJet’s baggage allowance for international flights varies as per your destination. Here are details on check-in baggage guidelines for top routes.

  • Bangkok:
  • You can carry 20 kgs of checked luggage from this destination.
  • Colombo:
  • The permitted limit from this destination is 30 kgs.
  • Dubai:
  • The checked luggage allowance from Dubai is 30 kgs.
  • Dhaka:
  • You can carry up to 20 kgs of checked luggage.
  • Muscat:
  • The allowance from this destination via a SpiceJet flight is 30 kgs.

Ensure you don’t exceed the overall dimensions of 158 cms. You’ll be pleased to know that there’s no limit on the number of pieces you can carry. However, you need to make sure that every bag you take along must weigh 32 kgs or less.

Checked luggage allowance for domestic flights

On a domestic SpiceJet flight, you have a luggage allowance of 15 kgs. On a flight originating from either Srinagar or Jammu, you are permitted 22 kgs.

Cabin luggage allowance

On an international flight, you can carry cabin baggage weighing 7 kgs or less. Note that this would be inclusive of items like your duty-free shopping bag or laptop. However, the dimensions limit varies for passengers of Boeing and Bombardier aircraft. If you are flying on a Boeing aircraft, the limit is 115 cms, whereas, on a Bombardier, it is 108 cms.

The hand baggage policy for any domestic flight is the same as that for an international one, barring destinations like Jammu and Srinagar. If you have a flight from either of these airports, you have the option of checking in the 7 kgs baggage with your checked luggage.

Restricted items

SpiceJet does not permit passengers to carry items such as flammable liquids, dry cell batteries, corrosives, compressed gasses, infectious substances, and poisons.Note that you will be charged for excess baggage depending on whether you’re flying domestic or international. Follow these rules while packing for your trip, and you’ll never face hassles. If you require further details on SpiceJet’s baggage policy, click here.


1. What is the cabin baggage allowance at SpiceJet?

SpiceJet allows maximum 7kg cabin baggage for both domestic and international travel. This includes items like laptops and duty-free shopping bags.

2. What is the charge for excess baggage?

For domestic travel, luggage that exceeds the baggage allowance of 15kg will be charged INR 300 per kg. For international flights, the excess baggage charges vary from country to country.

3. What should I do if I have lost my baggage?

If you have lost your baggage then you should inform a Passenger Services Officer about the same upon arriving at your destination. The airline will try to find your baggage within 7 days. SpiceJet also provides a compensation of INR 200 per kg with a maximum of INR 3,000 for domestic travel in case your baggage hasn’t been located even after 7 days. For certain international travelers, a compensation of USD 20 per kg with a maximum of USD 400 will be given.

4. What is the policy for carrying fragile or special equipment?

Sports equipment, musical instruments, bicycles, LCD TVs, surfboards, and other such items are termed as special baggage. Carrying special baggage for domestic travel has a fee of INR 1,000 and for international travel, it is INR 2,000.