SpiceJet Airlines

Popular SpiceJet Domestic Flights

  • SG 160 | SpiceJet
    BOM → DEL Mumbai to New Delhi
    Rs. 2117.0
    Rs. 10384.0
  • SG1063 | SpiceJet
    HYD → TIR Hyderabad to Tirupati
    Rs. 2151.0
    Rs. 6705.0
  • SG2413 | SpiceJet
    DEL → IXC New Delhi to Chandigarh
    Rs. 1704.0
    Rs. 5694.0
  • SG2414 | SpiceJet
    IXC → DEL Chandigarh to New Delhi
    Rs. 1695.0
    Rs. 10020.0
  • SG 169 | SpiceJet
    DEL → BOM New Delhi to Mumbai
    Rs. 2172.0
    Rs. 6995.0
  • SG 424 | SpiceJet
    HYD → BOM Hyderabad to Mumbai
    Rs. 1536.0
    Rs. 4780.0
  • SG 140 | SpiceJet
    BLR → DEL Bangalore to New Delhi
    Rs. 2998.0
    Rs. 13084.0
  • SG 191 | SpiceJet
    DEL → BLR New Delhi to Bangalore
    Rs. 2839.0
    Rs. 9115.0
  • SG1034 | SpiceJet
    MAA → HYD Chennai to Hyderabad
    Rs. 1105.0
    Rs. 4351.0
  • SG 160 | SpiceJet
    DEL → SXR New Delhi to Srinagar
    Rs. 3703.0
    Rs. 9358.0
  • SG 161 | SpiceJet
    SXR → DEL Srinagar to New Delhi
    Rs. 2410.0
    Rs. 5274.0
  • SG 254 | SpiceJet
    CCU → DEL Kolkata to New Delhi
    Rs. 3237.0
    Rs. 8431.0
  • SG3309 | SpiceJet
    MAA → BLR Chennai to Bangalore
    Rs. 1130.0
    Rs. 11656.0
  • SG 157 | SpiceJet
    DEL → COK New Delhi to Cochin
    Rs. 4132.0
    Rs. 19761.0
  • SG1036 | SpiceJet
    BLR → HYD Bangalore to Hyderabad
    Rs. 1212.0
    Rs. 11924.0


Popular SpiceJet International Flights

Air travel need not burn a hole in your pocket; SpiceJet airlines offer unbeatable prices on tickets to various destinations in India! With rates as low as Rs. 99 during special offers and deals, this carrier aims to offer the lowest airfare with the highest consumer value, to price-sensitive flyers.

As more and more people are opting for air travel, SpiceJet airways wishes to cater to individuals who are travelling for both business and pleasure and want to save time and money on their trips.

On-Board SpiceJet

SpiceJet was introduced in the market by the Sun Group, with an aim of offering unmatched ticketing costs. This affordable and comfortable airline is focused on exceptional performance, from technical specification of the aircraft to hospitality of the crew. In fact, each employee you encounter is smart, friendly, efficient and knowledgeable. The crew is trained to make sure that you feel welcome and well looked after at every point of interaction.

Thanks to the carrier’s ‘no-frills but high-performance’ approach, it has been voted the best low-fare airline in the HT MaRS study of 2009.

Connectivity and Fleet Information

SpiceJet flights include the new-generation Boeing 737-800s with winglets and Boeing 737-900ER. These aircraft are ideal when it comes to safe and comfortable flying, and suited for short- and medium-distance trips in Indian weather conditions.

As this low-cost carrier is extremely popular, SpiceJet online booking may be carried out for almost all cities in India and a few destinations abroad.

Services and Baggage Allowance

For a no-frills flight, SpiceJet is very relaxing. They do not include refreshments in the ticket cost, but passengers may buy delicious meals and beverages on board. The staff even offers special assistance to travelers with infants, unaccompanied children and people with disabilities. These additional requirements may be taken care of by paying a minimal charge while making your SpiceJet ticket booking. Expectant mothers will need to carry a doctor’s certificate for permission to travel before flying with the carrier.

The SpiceJet baggage allowance for check-in is up to 20 kgs per passenger. Plus the airline permits complimentary carry-on of one small handbag and other items like purse, camera, laptop, etc.

SpiceJet Web check-in is another feature that this airline provides. This helps passengers avoid long queues at the airport, thus saving time. All you need to do is provide your ticket information on their website and you get the boarding pass with your preferences. You may even check your SpiceJet PNR status on the site.

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Cleartrip is an excellent site to look for SpiceJet flight schedules and keep yourself updated with the latest offers and deals. Our easy interface will help you view the airfare, timing and route for your destination on a single page.

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SpiceJet Airlines top sectors

The top sectors for SpiceJet Airlines are Mumbai to New Delhi , Hyderabad to Tirupati , New Delhi to Chandigarh and Hyderabad to Tirupati where it operates 56, 52, 51 and 51 weekly flights respectively. They also have occasional flights from New Delhi to Agartala, Mangalore to Bangalore and Chennai to Ahmedabad flights. Find more route here -

SpiceJet Customer Reviews (4.0/5)

My family has been travelling via Jet Airways for many years now. Its in-flight crew has always been patient, helpful and co-operative. This is a very important consideration for us while booking flight tickets, especially since we mostly travel with elderly people or extremely young kids. We feel very much at home when flying Jet Airways.

The staff at Jet Airways is what makes this airline stand out. While the airline should address the issue of bad baggage handling and in-flight entertainment, it should certainly keep up the good job of hiring and training such efficient and helpful people as their staff. The food get a definite thumbs up from me too.

I recently traveled from New Delhi to Amritsar via Spicejet. The flight was on schedule and we were able to board smoothly. I was a little disappointed with the leg space in the aircraft as it wasn’t enough for me (I am quite tall). The staff was polite. I didn’t order any food so can’t say. Overall good experience.

Spicejet is a budget airline and I recently traveled with them because they were relatively cheaper than the others. The food I had ordered was nice and warm. The staff was helpful and courteous. Our flight landed 20 minutes after the scheduled time but apart from that, our experience was good.

Top SpiceJet Routes