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1.What are the guidelines for expectant mothers at Jet Airways?

Expectant mothers can travel up to 32 weeks of pregnancy provided that there are no complications. In case of multiple complicated pregnancies, expectant mothers are allowed to travel until 32 weeks only with a fitness to fly certificate.

2.I have fit to fly certificate and am 33 weeks pregnant, can I fly?

Women between 33 and 36 weeks of pregnancy with no prior complications are allowed to fly, provided they have a fitness to fly certificate by the treating obstetrician. In case of multiple or complicated single pregnancies, the expectant mother won’t be allowed to fly after 32 weeks.

3.When are expectant mothers not allowed to fly?

Expectant mothers are not allowed to fly internationally (Excepting Colombo, Dhaka, and Kathmandu) after the 35th week of pregnancy and domestically (Including India, Colombo, Dhaka, and Kathmandu) cannot fly after the 38th week of pregnancy.

4.What do I need to know if I am traveling with an infant?

Children until the age of 2 years will be regarded as infants and require to be accompanied by adults. On all Jet Airway flights, excepting those operated by ATR aircraft, a diaper-changing table is provided in the lavatories.

5.I have a medical condition, how do I know if I am fit to fly?

Patients with critical heart conditions or respiratory conditions are not permitted to fly. There are many medical conditions that make the patients not fit to fly, so you can check with the Jet Airways airlines to find out if you are permitted to fly.

6.Who is an unaccompanied minor?

Children between the ages of 5 to 12 years are regarded as minors. Children who are not accompanied by someone who is 18 years or above are considered as unaccompanied minors.

7.What care will be provided to my child who is an unaccompanied minor?

Jet Airways provides full care to unaccompanied minors during the flight and on arriving at the destination, will hand over the child to the person mentioned in the Unaccompanied Minor form.

8.Do I have to provide any information of a passenger with special needs?

Jet Airways wants to provide the best care for passengers with special needs. For this, all the information regarding the patient’s health needs to be furnished. The airline also has to be informed in case of any special requirements.