IndiGo Baggages Allowance

IndiGo Baggages Allowance

IndiGo Baggage Policy

Are you ready for your next trip with IndiGo? We bet you are. We’re hoping you’ve also weighed those bags that will be accompanying you. If you’ve been searching for clarity on how much baggage the carrier allows, we’re here to help.

Don’t rely on word of mouth for confirmation, read this article for more details on IndiGo’s baggage policy.

Checked luggage allowance

If you are traveling on a domestic flight, you will be allowed 15 kgs of checked-in baggage based on IndiGo’s baggage allowance.

On the other hand, the permit for international flights is 20 kgs. However, this limit varies for destinations like Sharjah, Muscat, Doha, and Dubai, where passengers are allowed up to 30 kgs.

Cabin luggage allowance

Regardless of whether you have an IndiGo international or domestic flight, the cabin baggage allowance will remain standard. You can carry 1 piece weighing not more than 7 kgs. Ensure you adhere to the dimensions restriction of 55 x 35 x 25 cms. This hand luggage allowance is inclusive of items like duty-free shopping bags and laptops.

Note that if you are traveling with an infant, you have the option of carrying an additional piece weighing 7 kgs or less.

If you are boarding an IndiGo flight from airports at Srinagar or Jammu, you will not be permitted to carry any hand baggage for security reasons. However, you can check in this luggage along with your permissible checked-in luggage allowance and ensure that the total weight remains 22kgs or less.

If you have excess baggage beyond the mentioned limit, you will be charged for the same at the rate of INR 300 per kg on domestic flights and INR 525 on international flights.

Restricted items

The airline does not permit knives, dry cell batteries, tools, ammunition, sharp instruments, and firearms, besides other things, for optimal security. The carrier has also imposed certain restrictions on the quantity of toiletries and medicines that passengers can carry.

Follow these rules, and you will never have to pay for excess luggage on your IndiGo flights. If you have other queries or doubts, click here to know more about the luggage policy of IndiGo.


1.What is the policy of IndiGo for lost or damaged baggage?

IndiGo does not take any responsibility for the loss of an individual’s handbag. If the baggage does not arrive at the destination, then the person should contact the staff member at the desk in the destination arrival hall. If an individual does not report a lost/damaged baggage complaint, it will be taken as if the individual has received the baggage in good condition and correctly.

2.What items can be carried by passengers with special assistance?

The passenger can carry items like a fully collapsible wheelchair, a pair of crutches, braces, or any prosthetic device that he/she is fully dependent upon.

A passenger can carry an extra item on board which is oversized, but will safely fit on the seat. For this, he/she will have to purchase an extra seat according to the availability and applicable fares. IndiGo also has the rights to refuse such an item, if it feels that it is a safety risk.

3.What is the policy of IndiGo for fragile and valuable items?

Passengers are advised not to check-in with fragile items in baggage. The airline will not be held responsible for items that are checked-in as baggage and the customer will take full responsibility for the same.

4.What is the fee for special baggage?

A fee of INR 1,000 has to be paid for traveling with special baggage in domestic flights. INR 2,000 has to be paid for traveling with special baggage on international flights.

5.How can I book a prepaid baggage?

You are required to book prepaid excess baggage 6 hours before the departure of the flight via the IndiGo website or call center. You can find the prepaid excess baggage slabs here