GoAir Baggages Allowance

Go Air Baggage Policy

If you are flying GoAir, you may want to look up the carrier’s baggage policies, rules, and restrictions. A thorough check on what the carrier permits will help you avoid last-minute hassles while boarding.

Considering that the airline is a domestic carrier, GoAir’s baggage allowance rules are applicable across India, barring certain destinations in the country.

Checked luggage allowance

When you are packing your check in luggage, remember to stick to GoAir’s baggage policy that emphasizes a 15 kgs limit if you have made a GoFlexi or GoSmart booking. However, if you are traveling via GoBusiness, you have a larger allowance of 35 kg or less.

Although this permit remains standard for most destinations across the country, there are exceptions. From airports at Leh, Srinagar, and Jammu, GoSmart/GoFlexi passengers are allowed 22 kgs of checked luggage while GoBusiness travelers are allowed 42 kgs.

Overall dimensions for check-in baggage across all categories must not exceed 158 cms.

Cabin luggage allowance

The cabin baggage allowance is set to 1piece weighing 7 kgs or less for each passenger. The dimensions must not exceed 115 cms. If you wish to bring an oversized item onboard, ensure you book an additional seat. This added item should weigh 75 kgs or less and its height must not exceed that of the seat’s headrest. It’s also important to note that the airline strictly discourages passengers from using unused luggage allowance of another traveler.

If you are traveling from Leh, Jammu, or Srinagar, you will not be permitted to carry any hand baggage except a digital camera or laptop.

If you feel the need to carry excess baggage, simply pre-purchase it online. You have the option of choosing an allowance of 5, 10, 15, or 30 kgs extra.

Restricted items

GoAir has a stringent set of rules to ensure the safety of its passengers. Baggage guidelines do not allow hazardous objects and materials onboard. These include corrosives, ammunitions, flammable liquids, dry cell batteries, poison/infectious substances, besides other things.

Now travel with ease on one of India’s leading domestic flyers. Give a thought to these details before zipping those bags for your trip. For more details on GoAir’s baggage allowance policy, click here.


1.What is the cabin baggage allowance at GoAir?

GoAir allows customers to carry maximum one piece of cabin baggage. The luggage article should not weigh more than 7 kg.

2.I have an additional item to carry in the cabin, what can I do?

Customers who wish to carry an oversized item that will fit perfectly in the seat and not cause inconvenience to other passengers can purchase an additional seat for it. The baggage which will be placed on the seat should not exceed the maximum weight of 75 Kg.

3.What is the baggage allowance at GoAir?

The maximum baggage allowance is 15 Kg on GoAir flights.

4.What is the cost of excess baggage at GoAir?

If you wish to carry luggage that exceeds the baggage allowance of 15 Kg, then you can pre-purchase it according to your requirements.