Fuji Dream Airlines

Popular Fuji Dream Airlines International Flights

  • Time
  • Duration
  • Price
  • fuji-dream-airlines Fuji Dream Airlines301
  • 07:30NGO 01h 30m Non stop 09FUK
  • --NA--
  • fuji-dream-airlines Fuji Dream Airlines300
  • 07:50FUK 01h 20m Non stop 09:10NGO
  • --NA--
  • fuji-dream-airlines Fuji Dream Airlines141
  • 07:45FSZ 01h 50m Non stop 09:35FUK
  • ₹ 6400
  • fuji-dream-airlines Fuji Dream Airlines142
  • 10FUK 01h 20m Non stop 11:20FSZ
  • ₹ 6400
  • fuji-dream-airlines Fuji Dream Airlines331
  • 08:25NGO 01h 20m Non stop 09:45KMJ
  • --NA--
  • fuji-dream-airlines Fuji Dream Airlines332
  • 10:20KMJ 01h 10m Non stop 11:30NGO
  • --NA--
  • fuji-dream-airlines Fuji Dream Airlines1281
  • 08:10FUK 01h 45m Non stop 09:55KIJ
  • ₹ 8067
  • fuji-dream-airlines Fuji Dream Airlines1282
  • 09:10KIJ 01h 50m Non stop 11FUK
  • ₹ 8134
  • fuji-dream-airlines Fuji Dream Airlines351
  • 07:35NGO 01h 10m Non stop 08:45HNA
  • --NA--
  • fuji-dream-airlines Fuji Dream Airlines344
  • 12:40KCZ 01h 00m Non stop 13:40NGO
  • ₹ 5632
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Fuji Dream Airlines top sectors

Top international sectors of Fuji Dream include Nagoya to Fukuoka , Fukuoka to Nagoya , Shizuoka to Fukuoka , Fukuoka to Shizuoka

They also have occasional flights from Kochi to Nagoya, Nagoya to Hanamaki, Niigata to Fukuoka, and Fukuoka to Niigata flights