British Airways Baggages Allowance

British Airways Baggage Policy

Packing for a journey can be quite a tedious task, especially if you are unsure about the baggage rules and restrictions of an airline. If you have booked a flight with British Airways, it’s important to know the restrictions and weight limit as per your route, frequent flyer membership status, and cabin class selection.

Here are details for British Airways’ baggage allowance before you begin packing for the journey from destinations worldwide to India.

Checked luggage allowance

The check-in baggage allowance for British Airways’ Economy World Traveller cabin class ranges from 2 bags weighing 23 kgs each to 1 bag weighing 23 kgs.

The checked luggage allowance for the Premium Economy’s World Traveller Plus cabin class is 2 bags weighing 23 kgs each.

The checked luggage allowance for Business Class’s Club World cabin is 2 bags weighing 32 kgs each.

The checked luggage allowance for British Airways’ First Class passengers is 3 bags weighing 32 kgs each.

Cabin luggage allowance

The hand baggage allowance for passengers is 1 laptop bag or handbag that weighs 23 kgs. The dimensions for the same should not exceed 40 x 30 x 15 cms. In addition to this, passengers are permitted 1 additional cabin bag that weighs 23 kgs or less. The dimensions for this piece of cabin baggage should not exceed 56 x 45 x 25 cms.

Restricted items

British Airways has prohibited certain items for the safety of passengers. Sharp objects, explosives, flammable substances, ammunition, firearms, stunning devices, blunt instruments, and security-type cases are not allowed in luggage.

Understanding baggage rules is one of the first steps to help you pack easily for your trip. Refer to the above details while packing your bags. If you have further doubts or queries, click here for an in-depth understanding of British Airways’ baggage policy.