Air India Baggages Allowance

Air India Baggage Policy

There is nothing as convenient as getting to your destination by a flight. It’s quick and convenient until baggage issues begin to crop up. If you’re traveling by Air India, there won’t be many problems but why not do your homework beforehand. After all, you wouldn’t want to be stranded paying for excess luggage, would you?
Here are details on Air India’s baggage allowance, applicable when flying from the below destinations to India.

Checked luggage for international flights

  • Gulf and the Middle East
  • Your check-in baggage would range between 23 kgs and 60 kgs depending on the cabin class. Note that the limit would vary as per the date your ticket is issued on.
  • Japan
  • Checked luggage allowance will range from 23 kgs to 32 kgs as per your cabin class booking.
  • Dhaka
  • You will be allowed 20 kgs on an Economy booking and 30 kgs on a Business Class booking.
  • Bangkok
  • The permitted checked baggage limit for Economy Class is 30 kgs and Business Class is 40 kgs.
  • Shanghai
  • First, Business and Economy Class passengers are allowed to carry 40 kgs, 30 kgs, and 20 kgs of checked luggage respectively.

Checked luggage for domestic flights

As per Air India’s baggage policy, the standard allowance for passengers traveling on domestic flights would be 32 kgs per piece. This limit is subject to change if you are flying solely by an Alliance Air flight or are a member of the Flying Returns program.

Hand luggage - Universal allowance

The hand baggage allowance for both domestic and international flyers is 1 piece of luggage weighing 8 kgs or less. Apart from this, passengers are allowed to bring along any one of the personal items listed under the carrier’s baggage policy.

Restricted items

Refrain from carrying items such as tools, martial arts equipment, guns/firearms, sharp objects, sporting goods, besides other things.
Now travel with confidence without worrying about excess baggage. If you still have queries pertaining to baggage allowance, click here to know more about the luggage policy of Air India.


1.What is the baggage allowance at Air India?

The baggage allowance of each customer depends on a number of factors like the class of travel, the country you are traveling from, as well as the weight system and piece system.

What is the hand baggage allowance at Air India?

Hand baggage allowed per person is 8kg which applies to all classes of travel. It should not exceed the permitted limitation or else excess baggage charges will be applied.

2.What is prepaid baggage and how can I purchase excess baggage?

Air India’s Prepaid Baggage Allowance scheme allows passengers to purchase excess baggage through the Air India booking offices or call centers. At Air India, you will have to purchase the excess baggage 6 hours before the flight’s departure.

3.Will I get a refund on my excess baggage, if I cancel my bookings?

Refunds will be applicable on excess baggage if a passenger chooses to cancel the booking 6 hours prior to the flight’s departure or if Air India cancels the flight.

4.What should I do if my baggage is damaged?

If you receive damaged luggage, you can contact the Air India personnel in the arrival hall and report the problem before leaving. Efforts will be made to repair the bag in concern. If the baggage is damaged beyond repair then a suitable replacement will be provided.

5.What is the policy for fragile or special equipment?

Special equipment like sports equipment or musical instruments needs to be carried as checked-in baggage only. The charges for various types of sports equipment are different and some might attract excess baggage charges. You can check the special baggage allowance here: