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Air Arabia is the first and largest low-cost carrier across the Middle East and North Africa. The airline positions itself as a pay-less, fly-more carrier and offers comfort, reliability and value for money.

On-Board Air Arabia Airlines

Air Arabia Airlines started its journey in 2003, when its first flight took off to Manama airport in Bahrain. Air Arabia is listed on the Dubai financial markets and consists of a group of airlines and companies offering global travel and tourism services. It is led by Mr. Adel Ali, the Group’s Chief Executive Officer.

The airline has received several awards. Some of the notable ones are mentioned below:

  • MENA Travel Award for Best Airline, 2005 to 2008
  • Low-cost Carrier of the Year at the Aviation Business Awards, 2007 to 2009
  • World’s Most Profitable Airline in 2008 by CAPA

Connectivity and Fleet Information

Air Arabia flights operate from three main hubs in Sharjah International Airport, UAE; Mohamed V International Airport in Casablanca, Morocco; and Borg Al Arab International Airport in Alexandria.

It is one of the few to operate a new Airbus A320 amongst low-cost carriers. The aircraft is excellent in terms of cabin comfort, technology and efficiency, and is known for setting global standards. The current fleet strength of the airline is 27 brand new Airbus A320 aircraft and has an existing order for 44 new similar aircraft. The average age of an Air Arabia fleet is 1.7 years

Services and Baggage Allowance

The Air Arabia online check-in option helps you to avoid long queues at the airport. However, this facility is available only if you are traveling from Sharjah International Airport. To avail of the Air Arabia Web check-in facility, click here.

The Air Arabia baggage allowance includes one bag, the size of which should not exceed 160 cms. The airline does not offer cargo facilities for oversized luggage. For hand luggage, a standard-sized bag of not more than 55 cm x 40 cm x 20 cm, including the handle, pockets and wheels, is permitted. Apart from this, passengers may carry one laptop bag, handbag or briefcase. Infants under two years are entitled to one standard-sized bag each. To find out additional details on baggage policies, please click here.

Once on board, passengers may enjoy a wide range of snacks and beverages at affordable prices from the specially designed ‘Sky Café’ menu. For information on Air Arabia's customer service or contact numbers, please click here.

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Air Arabia

Rated 3/5 based on 24 customer reviews
Customer reviews:
5/ 5stars
We took the Dubai to London flight. The flight was really comfortable. For a low budget airline, it had a lot of leg room and slightly wider seats. The one thing we found amusing was the way the security features of the plane were explained. Instead of introducing them in the standard way they used a film in which kids explained it. - by
2/ 5stars
I had a horrible experience this time. I used to like this airline before but my last two experiences were really bad. I was travelling with my family to Tbilisi and back. The counter staff allocated us seats in different locations. This happened both times. When approached, the staff was very rude and not ready to help. - by
2/ 5stars
Air Arabia works as a typical low cost airline. The cabin crew go through the motions with absolutely no enthusiasm. Everything else in the flight such as food and drinks has to be paid for, but as this is a budget airline, it’s to be expected. It’s difficult to get help with information such as from which baggage carousel is your luggage to be collected. - by
3/ 5stars
I usually keep travelling between Casablanca and Venice. Usually the flights are delayed. However, most passengers like me tend to overlook it. However, this time, I found the ground staff at the airport in Casablanca were very rude. Since there wasn’t enough place to take the hand luggage aboard, they ended up putting it with the normal luggage. - by