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  • aeroflot-russian-airlines Aeroflot Russian Airlines235
  • 01:05DEL 06h 30m Non stop 05:05MOW
  • --NA--
  • aeroflot-russian-airlines Aeroflot Russian Airlines156
  • 01MOW 05h 25m Non stop 08:55DEL
  • --NA--
  • aeroflot-russian-airlines Aeroflot Russian Airlines1103
  • 06BKK 01h 05m Non stop 07:05USM
  • --NA--
  • aeroflot-russian-airlines Aeroflot Russian Airlines5992
  • 06USM 01h 05m Non stop 07:05BKK
  • --NA--
  • aeroflot-russian-airlines Aeroflot Russian Airlines7219
  • 14:15LAX 01h 20m Non stop 15:35SJC
  • --NA--
  • aeroflot-russian-airlines Aeroflot Russian Airlines1269
  • 06:30SJC 01h 35m Non stop 08:05LAX
  • --NA--
  • aeroflot-russian-airlines Aeroflot Russian Airlines7249
  • 07:00NYC 06h 35m Non stop 10:35SFO
  • --NA--
  • aeroflot-russian-airlines Aeroflot Russian Airlines3513
  • 08:40SFO 05h 35m Non stop 17:15NYC
  • --NA--
  • aeroflot-russian-airlines Aeroflot Russian Airlines7369
  • 06:50SHA 03h 50m Non stop 10:40DLC
  • --NA--
  • aeroflot-russian-airlines Aeroflot Russian Airlines3534
  • 17:55LAX 02h 59m Non stop 22:54AUS
  • --NA--
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Aeroflot Airlines is the flag carrier and largest airline of the Russian Federation. It was founded on March 17, 1923 and is one of the world’s oldest airlines. It also qualifies to be one of the most recognized Russian brands. It operates from its hub at Sheremetyevo airport in Moscow and has three branches in the cities of St. Petersburg, Kaliningrad and Vladivostok in Russia.

On-Board Aeroflot Airlines

The aviation company’s endeavor is to always enhance the quality of its products and service offerings. It is known for its excellent safety record, operational reliability and a reputation for industry leading customer service.

The airline has received several awards, the most notable ones being the following:

  • Winner of the "Wings of Russia" national award in three nominations;
  • “Air carrier of the year – passenger choice”
  • “Air carrier of the year – passenger carrier on international airlines”
  • “Russian airline of the year – passengers’ sympathy leader”
  • Athens  International  Airport  award winner  in  “The fastest growing Eastern European airline” category in 2012
  • Winner of the "Absolute brand - 2012" for the most expensive aviabrend worth over a billion dollars

Connectivity and Fleet Information

Aeroflot Airways provides convenient connections to customers in Russia and CIS, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia and America.

The fleet today is one of the most modern, youngest and fastest growing in Europe. It consists of a variety ofAirbus A320-family, A330s, Boeing B767s and Sukhoi SuperJet-100 airliners.

Services and Baggage Allowance

The airline endeavors to offer comfortable travel solutions to every passenger. It offers some of the best on-ground and in-flight services in the world. On Airbus A330, passengers may enjoy the entertainment system Panasonic eX2. The system provides built-in entertainment at every seat. The widescreen video monitors ranging in size from 9 (for Economy Class) to 15.4 inches (business class), allow you to choose a multi-channel audio-video program.

You may also indulge in excellent in-flight meals when you fly through Aeroflot India.

You may save your precious time by availing of the Aeroflot Web check-in option. For Aeroflot online check-in, please click here.

The Aeroflot baggage policy for checked in luggage as per weight system is as follows:

Economy Class – Weight of the bag should not exceed 23 kgs and sum of the three dimensions should not exceed 158 cms.

Business Class – Weight of the bag should not exceed 32 kgs and sum of the three dimensions should not exceed 158 cms.

For Business Class, Economy class, Economy Premium and Premium Comfort fare groups 2 pieces are allowed whereas for Economy fares and other fare groups, 1 piece is allowed.

For carry-on baggage, in Economy Class, 1 piece of luggage weighing up to 10 kgs is allowed. For Business, Premiere and President Class, 1 piece of luggage weighing up to 15 kgs is allowed. The maximum dimensions must not exceed 115 cms for sum of height, length and width.

For further details on baggage policies, please click here.

For more details, the customer service of the airline may be contacted here.

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