The freedom to change your flights, because life happens.

Change your flights for free, no rescheduling or convenience fee.

Book with Flexifly

How it works

  • Choose the Flexifly option at the time of booking your flight

  • Change your flight to your favourable date

  • Save on airline charges, pay only the fare difference

  • All refunds will be initiated by Digit, our amendment partner.


What does Flexifly do for me?

When you choose the Flexifly option, you can change your flight without incurring the rescheduling and convenience fees that accompany it. You only have to pay the fare difference.

What is the Flexifly refund process?

The refund is initiated once the rescheduled flight is booked, and payment is confirmed. Digit* will be in touch with you via email with details on when you will receive the refund. If you have booked a round-trip and make changes separately for each flight or journey, you will receive two notifications from Digit.

Does that mean I have to pay the amendment and convenience fees at the time of booking the changed flight?

Yes, and once the payment is complete, the refund will be initiated by Digit*.

How is my refund calculated?

The amendment fee + Cleartrip’s convenience fee is the amount refunded to you in the event of a flight change. However, for bookings where the flight fare is lower than the amendment fee, the refund will match the original booking fare + Cleartrip’s convenience fee.

Is Flexifly useful if I want to cancel my tickets?

Flexifly is only for rescheduling flights, all cancellations will be chargeable in line with the respective airline policy.

What happens if I cancel a flight booked with FlexiFare?

You will be refunded the fare amount as per airline policy. However the FlexiFly Fare, made available to you at an additional cost, is non-refundable.

Up until when can I reschedule my tickets?

While we recommend making the changes as early as possible, Flexifly allows you to make changes as late as up to 2 hours before the original departure time.Note: Up to 2 hours before the original departure time, unless specified otherwise by airline fare rules.

By how many days can I reschedule my flight?

You can advance your travel up to 10 days prior to the original departure date, and up to 60 days post the original departure date.

Can I reschedule multiple times for a single passenger?

Flexifly is applicable for a one-time rescheduling request – once per flight only. Secondary or multiple changes will be treated as with Standard Fare bookings, i.e., rescheduling and convenience fees will be applicable.

What happens if there is a difference between the original and rescheduled booking amount?

There are two likely scenarios.
i) The rescheduled flight fare is lower than the original flight fare. In this instance you will be refunded the amount paid by you (up to Rs.3200).
ii) The rescheduled flight fare is higher than the original flight fare. In this instance you will be refunded the rescheduling fee + the Cleartrip convenience fee (up to Rs.3200).
The amount payable by you, upto Rs.3200, will be refunded in both scenarios.

Does Flexifly apply if I reschedule my flight, but also change the destination?

Unfortunately, no. Flexifly is applicable only for rescheduling your flight, to the same destination.

I have purchased Flexifly tickets for 3 passengers in a single booking; can I make changes for all of them together? What if I want to reschedule only one passenger’s flight and not the other two?

You can absolutely make changes for all 3 passengers together. You can make changes once per passenger, per flight – i.e., once for each traveller for the onward and return journeys. You can amend the flights for all passengers together, or only for one or two as needed.

If I have booked a round trip, can I reschedule both the onward and return flights?

Yes, you can change tickets for both your onward and return journey together; in one request, or separately.

What if I rescheduled my flight directly with the airline? Do I still get a refund from Flexifly?

Unfortunately Flexifly does not cover instances where customers choose to change or reschedule their flights directly with the airline. We urge all our Flexifly customers to make any changes necessary, directly on Cleartrip.

* Cleartrip’s Flexifly Plan is backed by Go Digit General Insurance Limited under Digit Contractual Liability (UIN: IRDAN158P0004V01201718)