Ways To Enrich Your South Goa Tour

Who plans a trip across India without including Goa in the list? Goa as a whole can be divided into the north and south. This is not only based on geography; even the way of life is different. North Goa is about partying and boozing in the clubs and bars. South Goa on the other hand, is much calmer and serene. The crowds are comparatively less and the atmosphere is peaceful. So if you are looking for some quiet moments with your beloved, then South Goa should be your destination. Read on to find out all the things that you need to know, to get the best out of your South Goa tour.

When is the best time to visit South Goa?

The first thing that comes to your mind when planning a trip is the season. So, do you want to know, which time of the year will give you the best Goa experience? If you want to enjoy a cool climate, then you can plan your trip between November and March. This is also the peak season. If you want to enjoy the monsoons and the fresh countryside then July to September is the perfect time. Moreover, if you want to save money and enjoy water sports, then summers i.e. April to June is the best time to visit.

What to pack?

A trip is only exciting if you have all the right things to enjoy it with. Here are some packing essentials that will come in handy.

  • The first thing that tourists have to get drilled in their heads is that Goa is a tropical place. No matter what time of the year you choose to visit it, it will be warm or hot. So seasons maybe a bit breezy with a few spells of rain, but the predominant climate is always ‘hot’ irrespective of the season. So pack comfortable clothing. Maybe some cotton tees, shorts and summer dresses. Throw in a sunglass and a nice hat.
  • Come prepared with swimming gear. You will not leave South Goa without soaking inside a few beaches. Don’t forget the sunscreen.
  • Comfortable footwear is a must as you will need to walk during sightseeing and on beaches too. Do pack a pair of flip flops.
  • Carry an Mp3 player, a book or some other form of entertainment to accompany your lovely stroll through the long beaches.

What to do while in South Goa?

Now that you have planned the prerequisites of the trip, let us move on to what actually you can do and enjoy in South Goa.

Walk through beaches and enjoy water sports

There are bounties of beaches in South Goa. Skiing, paragliding and parasailing, try them all at Colva beach. After a day of energetic adventure, you can end the night with a romantic candlelit dinner to the sound of violin. The crescent shaped shores of Palolem Beach provide an excellent opportunity for Dolphin spotting, scuba diving and enjoying Goa’s nightlife. Agonda Beach, Bogmalo Beach and Butterfly Beach are few other beaches you can visit. Each one boasts its own set of unique attractions. Remember that the beaches in Goa are endless. So if you want variety, you might want to skip a few and visit other places also, especially if you are on a short trip. Check amazing list of Water sports in Goa here. You can easily get affordable Goa hotels in south goa.

Visit historic places and important landmarks in South Goa

Now this list can go on and on. Here are a few unique, must-see ones.

  • Vasco Da Gama: This might be known as the crime capital of Goa, but it has one of the most scenic sights and other adventure activities.
  • Chandor: This is a perfect spot to get to know some history and also to have a look at Portuguese architecture. Loutolim is another similar place for architecture fans.
  • Colomb: This place has everything required for a perfect date: Long beach walks and a romantic dinning around scintillating scenery.
  • Gatsby’s Pub: What is Goa without partying and EDMs (Electronic Dance Music)? From beer to coffee, this pub serves everything. Just take a sip and groove to the music beats.
  • Se cathedral: This is one of the largest churches in Asia. It is not only a religious place, but also boasts fine architecture and culture.

Feel and enjoy nature

Go for trekking and even try camping out for a nights. A trek to the waterfalls in Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary or a trip through the Cotiago Wildlife Sanctuary will definitely get your nature-bones tingling. Dudhsagar falls 68 km away from Goa is another spot where you can enjoy trekking and rock climbing.

Where to eat?

Almost every landmark mentioned above has at least one great place to eat. In fact, some of these eateries are as popular as the landmark itself. Jila Bakery at the Loutolim, Pentagon Restaurant & Garden Pub at Salcette and Shree Kashi Dairy at Vasco are few such places. And of course, don’t forget to try some Goan sea food at The Fisherman’s Wharf in Salcette.

And thus with a full stomach and a refreshed mind, your South Goa trip will be complete!