Vegetarian Restaurants in Male

If you are on a tour to the Maldives and willing to eat vegetarian food for any reason including your health, religious belief or as a part of your fitness regime, it is a very difficult task. This is because, in Maldives fish is also considered as a vegetarian food item, and you are more likely to get fish dishes if you ask for the vegetarian food. So, the best way is to order Indian vegetarian food as it will not contain fish. However, there are a few vegetarian and vegan restaurants in Male that serve 100% pure vegetarian food; you just need to know which these restaurants are. So, here is the list of a few of them, where you can eat without hesitation.

1. Sala Thai Restaurant

It is a restaurant located in Buruneege that serves authentic Thai and Asian vegetarian dishes. This venue is considered good for business meetings, special and casual dinner as well as kids’ parties. The food served here is tasty as well as healthy. The atmosphere is very relaxing and the service provided by the staff is excellent that makes you visit the place again and again. There are numerous vegan and gluten-free food options available as well.

2. Belle Amie Bistro

This amazing restaurant is situated near the National Museum in Male. You can taste Thai, Chinese, Indian and European vegetarian dishes here, but you need to mention not to include fish dishes. The ambience of this restaurant is great with friendly staff serving you the delicious dishes. It is really one of the best places to visit for vegetarian food options including salads, burgers, vegan desserts and more.

3. Pizza Mia

As the name suggests, this eatery located in Kalhuhuraa Magu, serves you with the best vegetarian Pizzas. Italian Pizzas are their specialty which they prepare and serve in their unique way. They provide you a quick service that has helped them gain the popularity among the visitors. The best quality vegetarian food is offered at the reasonable rates by the restaurant. There are a few vegan as well as gluten-free food options available that you can try.

4. Seagull Café house

It is a café located at Maafannu in Male that can serve you a great vegetarian food. However, here also you need to specify that you don’t want fish and eggs dishes. Their menu includes Italian and Thai vegetarian dishes that are healthy but delicious. You can also enjoy ice creams of various flavours along with some great salads, curries and fresh fruit juices. You can also ask for vegan as well as gluten-free food in this restaurant spread in 2 floors.

5. Lemongrass Fifth

It is one more vegetarian restaurant in Male situated at Fareedhee Magu. It serves you the best Asian, Indian and Thai vegetarian dishes including fresh fruit juices. Its menu is filled with various tasty dishes that are served at reasonable rates. The surrounding as well as the ambience is very pleasant, which enhances the eating experience. Most of the visitors love to come back here again due to this particular reason.

6. Calorie Counter Maldives

From the name of the restaurant you can guess that its menu will be planned considering the number of calories required for good health. This restaurant located at Magu Male serves international grill and several healthy dishes that help keeping the calories in check. They offer veg wraps, salads, juices and desserts made up fresh and vegetarian ingredients. This place is great for those willing to lose weight and very much concerned about the calories they consume through food.

7. Thai Wok

Located at the corner of Ameer Ahmed Magu and Naadhee Magu in Male, this restaurant serves amazing vegetarian food in a great ambience. The great setting of the restaurant with good service and lip-smacking food makes your dining experience memorable. Their menu has Asian and Thai vegetarian dishes like Tom Yum Soup, various curries, vegetarian noodle dishes and several others. These specialties will make you visit it again and again whenever you are in Male.

8. Bombay Darbar

It is an amazing Indian restaurant in Male. Located at Hulhumale, it will serve you with some authentic Indian dishes including various curries, Indian flat bread (roti) and varieties of rice. Their menu also includes Asian vegetarian dishes. Tasty Shawarma is one of their specialties. You can end your meal with yummy mango lassi that will make you feel refreshed. You must visit this place whenever you are in Male to taste the real flavours of India in the Maldives. They will never disappoint you.

9. Shell Beans

Located in H. Jazeera building in Male, this restaurant serves fusion dishes. You can have some quick bites of cheesecakes or can relax a bit and have your lunch or dinner at reasonable prices. They also provide you with vegan eating options. The cakes, desserts and ice creams they offer are made up of vegan ingredients and hence considered healthy. People love to visit this place for the taste and the quality of the food they serve.

10. Novina Café

This café situated in Fareedhee Magu offers a great variety of vegetarian food. Their menu includes fusion dishes, which makes it popular among youngsters. They offer western and Indian dishes as well. All the dishes they serve are made up of fresh vegetarian ingredients and hence are very beneficial for your health. The service provided by the café is also excellent as the staff is very friendly and ready to serve the visitors as per their eating preferences.

These are a few vegetarian restaurants in Male. There are many others in the city and country as well. Now, with this list in hand, you can easily reach out to any of them and get the pleasure of eating healthy and delicious food in the Maldives. However, don’t forget to ask them not to serve you egg and fish dishes as they consider these things as vegetarian options. If you are planning to visit male, Book your flight ticket and hotel to enjoy delicious vegetarian food on your trip.

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Vegetarian Restaurants in Male