Vegetarian Restaurants in Colombo

If you are in Colombo and are searching for some vegetarian food options, you need not worry. Colombo restaurants can serve you a wide variety of vegetarian dishes from different cuisines. Whether you are following certain dietary restrictions, have a preference for vegetarian food due to some religious beliefs or want to eat vegetarian food for a change, the city has numerous restaurants and cafes that will cater to your tastes. Here you can get plenty of vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free food options. To make it easier for you, we have listed some of the many vegetarian restaurants in Colombo.

1. Dunhinda

Located on the Attidiya road, this restaurant is considered to be one of the best vegetarian restaurants in the city. It is surrounded by a lotus garden with huts, which offer a countryside feel to the place. This setting is enough to attract visitors. The restaurant offers the best and most balanced flavours in their wide variety of dishes. They offer various healthy eating options from poppadum curry to fruits. All the food options on their menu are wholesome and nutritional. Although it is slightly difficult to reach this place, the food here is worth the efforts, you will put to reach there.

2. Shanmugas

If you wish to enjoy the taste of authentic Indian food in Colombo, go to Ramakrishna Road in Wellawatte and visit Shanmugas restaurant. It is one of the best Indian vegetarian restaurants in the city and serves you with an extremely lavish food menu. This is one of the reasons why this restaurant has a large number of regular customers who love to come here often. The food served by the restaurant is the ideal combination of spiciness and creaminess. It serves some mouth-watering curries that every vegetarian, specially Indians, will love a lot.

3. Milk and Honey

The reason behind the success of this restaurant located in Horton Place is the healthy menu they offer. The impressive menu includes wraps, smoothies, sandwiches, cakes and brownies, all made from healthy ingredients. The ambience of this café and restaurant is ideal for a light and healthy lunch. It is a welcoming place away from the hustle and bustle of the city. One more speciality of the restaurant is that they make use of honey in place of sugar, which turns desserts into a healthy food option.

4. Amro Vegetarian Café

Located in Nugegoda, this family restaurant is famous for its cosy ambience and welcoming staff. The restaurant offers authentic Sri Lankan vegetarian dishes from curries and rice to juices and smoothies. You can easily find some healthy options that will please your palate. The café is run by 4 ladies who take care of their customers with great enthusiasm and try to customise their food as per their wishes. If you are looking for vegetarian food, this is an excellent option.

5. Sri Suryas

This restaurant located on Sea Street is inspired by authentic south Indian cuisine and offers a great variety of dosas and vadas. They also serve some south Indian snacks that are popular in Colombo. Sri Surya is popular amongst food lovers for their excellent service, reasonable prices and a great variety of food. With a modern setting, the restaurant is always ready to welcome visitors and please them with their excellent dishes.

6. Mathura

This is also one the best South-Indian restaurants in the city of Colombo. Located on Havelock Road, it offers visitors a relaxed setting and some lip-smacking dishes. You can enjoy traditional meals with authentic flavours including masala dosa and potato curry that is stuffed in the dosa as a masala filling. The restaurant specialises in various types of dosas, flat Indian bread (roti), rice and vegetables. All these dishes are served along with sambhar and different types of chutneys as well as sauces that are the speciality of South-Indian cuisine.

7. Shri Vihar

Located at the centre of the city, this restaurant offers visitors traditional Indian food at reasonable prices. It serves South-Indian as well as North-Indian dishes to satiate visitors who enjoy variety in their food. The menu includes various delicious dishes, snacks, sweets, desserts and juices. You can ask them to make the dishes spicy or creamy as per your choice.

8. Chutneys Cinnamon Grand

This is an Indian restaurant located in a 5-star hotel on Galle Road. Their menu features more than 200 items catering to various tastes. It also hosts a Dosai Bazaar that serves freshly cooked dosas with masala fillings during dinner. The menu features vegetarian and non-vegetarian delicacies from four South Indian states. This is a great place for south Indian food lovers.

9. Sri Vani Vilas Hotel

This wonderful restaurant located on Messenger Street is home to traditional Sri Lankan delicacies like dosas and roti along with delicious curries and rice. It is a great place for those who enjoy eating vegan as well as gluten-free food.

10. Greenlands Hotel

Apart from the above-mentioned restaurants, Colombo has many other vegetarian eateries like Shang Palace, Graze Kitchen, Table One and many more. With these options, you will face no problem regarding vegetarian food. You can enjoy your trip to Colombo while enjoying the same kind of food you would at home.

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Vegetarian Restaurants in Colombo