Vegetarian Restaurants in Bangkok

If you are on a veg diet, focussing on eating healthy or want to avoid non-vegetarian food due to religious beliefs, it becomes important for you to find 100% veg restaurants when you are travelling abroad. Thailand is a city that is mainly known for its non-vegetarian cuisine. It is very difficult to find a restaurant that serves vegetarian food. Thankfully, there are several vegetarian restaurants in Bangkok where you can get good vegetarian food. You just need to do some research and find some veg restaurants beforehand. Here is a list of some restaurants and cafes that serve delicious vegetarian food.

1. Broccoli Revolution

If you are willing to enjoy vegan fast food in Bangkok, there is no other place better than Broccoli Revolution. Situated at Sukhumvit Road and Soi 49, this vegan café will serve you burgers, salads, pasta, organic breakfast and various Thai dishes. Their menu also includes cold-pressed vegetables, fresh fruit juices and vegan desserts. You can enjoy fast food like quinoa burgers, burritos, chili bowls along with some Asian dishes. This is a great place to grab some quick bites of vegetarian fast food.

2. Rasayana Retreat

This restaurant is situated at Sukhumvit 39, where you can enjoy delicious vegetarian food while relaxing away from the hustle and bustle of the city. You can return from here with a refreshed mind and body as they offer delicious food along with some holistic treatments. They serve you some delicious food that includes sushi, tacos, veg noodles and mushroom burgers. The food is also reasonably priced. Their speciality is Hawaiian pizza with a base of layered eggplant and zucchini and it is covered with marinara sauce and cashew nut cheese.

3. House of Joy

This restaurant situated at Pan road is ready to spread happiness, health and well-being with their menu of vegetarian comfort food. This food is so delicious that it brings a smile on the faces of visitors. It serves you with selected Asian dishes that include organic tofu curries and tempura, vegetarian noodle dishes, sweet and sour salads and many others. All the delicious food is reasonably priced, which is one more reason for you to be happy after visiting this restaurant.

4. Ethos

Located at Thanon Tanao, which is very close to the busy Khao San Road, this restaurant has a very calm, blissful ambience. This is the reason why it is considered as the perfect destination to enjoy your dinner as you relax on comfortable cushions. Although they offer you a comfortable setting and some lip-smacking food, the price is quite affordable. Their menu includes Thai, Indian, European and Eastern vegetarian dishes like burgers, curries, lasagne, falafels and much more. You can end your meal with homemade shakes and lassies. Most of the dishes served here are vegan and you can also ask for gluten-free options. There are a few breakfast choices available on their menu that you can enjoy sitting at the restaurant or as takeaway.

5. Mango

This is a small sized bohemian restaurant and art gallery located in Khao San. It serves authentic and healthy Thai food along with European fusion vegetarian and vegan dishes. The burgers, fried tempeh, delicious curries and cakes are a treat for your senses. The food is also quite reasonably priced. They also offer various fresh fruit juices and beers. The food options they provide are not only delicious but also healthy to maintain your body balance. Here, you get a unique opportunity to enjoy your food while admiring the great pieces of artwork.

6. May Veggie Home

Situated on Sukhmvit Soi 16, this restaurant is popular among food lovers for its fresh, natural and homemade vegetarian food. It is considered as the best vegetarian restaurant in the city. It serves pure vegan cuisine which is cooked using the finest ingredients. Their wide-ranging menu features Asian, Japanese and Thai dishes including various curries, veg noodle dishes, burgers and a few other vegan options. You can finish your meal with excellent quality vegan ice creams. This restaurant is just 5 years old and has gained immense popularity within a short period of time.

7. Sri Ganesha

If you are in Bangkok and you are craving authentic south Indian food, Sri Ganesha is the place for you. You will not find a better option for south Indian food than this restaurant in Bangkok. Many Bangkok residents who are originally from South India consider this place as their second home, when it comes to the authenticity of the food. Apart from traditional south Indian dishes, their menu features a few innovative food items like nourishing lentils, spicy chutneys and thalis. All these items are served at a reasonable price. The environment and service of the restaurant is welcoming and that enhances the dining experience.

8. Khun Churn

This restaurant is originally from Chiang Mai, where it has been applauded as one of the best vegetarian restaurants. They have now opened a branch at Sukhumvit Soi 42 in Bangkok. The menu mainly includes Thai vegetarian dishes. You can even enjoy the buffet at a reasonable price. They also offer a wide variety of classic meatless dishes from the Northern region.

9. Veganerie

If you are looking for some sweets and desserts, you must visit this café. It has a wide variety of vegetarian sweets and desserts, such as doughnuts, mousse pies, Eton Mess, sorbets and many others. Baked sweet potato is one more amazing option you can taste at this vegan hotspot situated at Sukhumvit Soi 24.

Apart from these 9 restaurants, there is also a restaurant called Saras that serves authentic Indian vegetarian food. There are some other restaurants and cafes like Bonita Café and Social Club, Govinda Italian Restaurant and Pizzeria, The Great Kabab Factory and several others that are a haven for vegetarian and vegan food lovers. So, next time you visit the city, do not worry about getting vegetarian food. Keep this list of veg restaurants in Bangkok handy to enjoy delicious vegetarian food on your trip. If you are planning to visit Bangkok, Book flight ticket and hotel in advance to avoid last minute rush.