Vegetarian Restaurants in Bali

Bali is not only a place that satisfies your soul with its beauty, but it is also a place that can satisfy your desire for delicious food. If you are a vegetarian, this lovely destination has numerous vegetarian restaurants, you can visit. You will get tasty, pure vegetarian food that will be great for your health as well. Here is a list of a few excellent vegetarian restaurants in Bali where you can treat yourself with delicious and healthy food options without thinking too much about calories and cholesterol.

1. Live Food Lab

If you are craving healthy American vegetarian food, Live Food Lab is the place for you. Situated in the jungles of Ubud, this eatery offers you some great vegetarian cuisines. The Live Food Lab offers vegan, gluten-free as well as raw meals prepared with the ingredients picked from their own garden. The restaurant also serves you with some appetizing desserts. Vegan cheesecake prepared with mango and pumpkin caramel in place of cheese is their speciality, which is extremely popular amongst regular visitors. All meals are served in the traditional crockery of Bali, such as Balinese ceramics or Rotan plates along with banana leaves.

2. Fivelements Sakti Dining Room

The classy interiors of the bamboo structured Fivelements Sakti Dining room impresses anybody who comes here. The food served by the restaurant is equally impressive. It is made of the best healthy ingredients. The presentation of the food is also very attractive. You can also enjoy brunch and afternoon tea here. They also run cooking classes where you can learn how to cook healthy vegetarian food.

3. Samadi Bali

Samadi is the best place for those who want to lead a healthy and organic lifestyle. They not only run a vegetarian café but have dedicated space for an organic kitchen lab. This lab serves you smoothies, salads and other nutritious and nourishing food. They also run yoga classes. If you are in Bali on a Sunday, you can visit the farmer’s market here, where vegetables that are grown locally are sold. They are also working towards adding Ayurvedic food items in their menu. This is being done with focus on serving the food that can heal you from various ailments and doshas.

4. Divine Earth

Located in Seminyak, Divine Earth is famous for its raw and vegan eating options. It is perfect for those following a healthy lifestyle but still love to eat delicious food. The food is prepared using nourishing ingredients to make it healthier. Here, you can enjoy sandwiches, sushi, detox juices and herbal tea. This eatery is connected to a yoga studio, and it can be considered a haven for those trying to follow a healthy lifestyle.

5. Sari Organik

If you want to taste Indonesian vegetarian food, Sari Organik is the place for you. This restaurant is surrounded with greenery in the form of rice fields and vegetable gardens. All the meals served at the restaurant are prepared using freshly picked ingredients from the garden. You can even pick the ingredients on your own. The menu includes a wide variety of vegetarian dishes including rice, kebabs and several others. They also offer wine produced by them using tropical fruits. The ambience and service of the restaurant is also excellent and will make you want to come back here.

6. Earth Café

The food that this restaurant serves is so delicious that if you are non-vegetarian you may consider converting to vegetarianism for good. You can enjoy the taste Indonesian and Middle-Eastern cuisines in the café. The restaurant is located in Kuta and also in Ubud and you can visit either, as per your convenience.

7. Moska Restaurant

This restaurant offers a wide variety of rich and flavourful vegetarian food. This food will make you change your perception that healthy food is boring and not tasty. The quality of service provided by the staff is as good as the quality and taste of the food. Additionally, the ambience of the restaurant is intimate and cosy. The chefs also enjoy interacting with diners whenever they get the time making your dining experience a very personalised one.

8. The Elephant Restaurant and Bar

Located in Puskemas Ubud II, this restaurant is famous for its healthy and delicious vegetarian food. The
preparation of the food is done considering ethical cooking methods as well as the environment. The dishes served in the restaurant are mainly vegetarian and can even be made vegan and gluten-free if you ask them to do so. Their speciality is Gyoza or fried or steamed Japanese dumplings along with ginger and tofu in lime juice, honey and soy sauce. The service provided by the staff is excellent, and this is the reason why many people prefer dining here.

9. The Seeds of Life

This raw food café situated in Ubud is also a Taoist Tonic bar that promotes eating fresh food. It is considered as the supporter of raw food community in Ubud. It serves visitors with organic juices that are prepared from freshly picked fruits, smoothies, mouth-watering vegan desserts, herbal chocolates and several other delicious preparations. Their specialities are banana pancakes, Chai Chia Porridge, sprouted buckwheat waffles served with butterscotch ice-cream and caramel sauce and raw warmed pizzas. You must try these dishes whenever you visit the café. You can also make a choice from their artisan Chinese tea menu. You will thoroughly enjoy every sip of it.

These are a few vegetarian/vegan restaurants in Bali that you can visit, so that you do not break your healthy routine even when you are on holiday in Bali. Even for those who are vegetarian for religious or moral reasons, these are excellent options. These restaurants serve not just healthy, vegetarian food but also delicious food made from fresh ingredients.

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Vegetarian Restaurants in Bali