The Newer Routes – Top 13 Upcoming International Destinations for Indians

Indians are looking to tread on newer paths, which is evident from their selection of international destinations. The scenario is gradually evolving, and Indian vacationers are looking for something that’s beyond the regular holiday destinations charted out by travel agencies.

Thanks to modern technology and the Internet, travellers have become smart. They do their own research before finalising on the destination they want to plan a trip to. This has led to the emergence of destinations, which were earlier not on the radar of most travellers.

Today, travellers are looking beyond traditional vistas. Their preference is to explore lesser-known destinations and have a novel experience while enjoying the pleasures of local culture and cuisine. Intermingling with the local residents is also what travellers seek for a wholesome vacation experience. Specific human interests are creating new-age travellers who are keen to go across the length and breadth of the continents for enjoying wine sampling tours, shopping trips, cruise vacations, and exotic spa holidays.

Which place would you like to travel to in your next vacation? If you haven’t planned your holiday yet, check out these destinations and plan a memorable trip. Get advance air bookings and fly to a dream destination. The places mentioned below promise an incomparable travel experience where you can create happy, evergreen memories:

1. Argentina – The Best Sightseeing Experiences

Argentina is a beautiful country in South America marked by the charms of the amazing Andes Mountains, Pampas grasslands, stunning Iguacu waterfalls and glacial lakes.Argentina is a beautiful country whose beauty and culture will leave you in awe of it. The energetic tango dance is sure to impress you. It is fast becoming a popular destination with Indians because of its exotic appeal.

2. China – A Unique Blend of Modern with the Ancient

China has a unique charm because of its wonderful ancient heritage and icons like The Forbidden City and The Great Wall. It showcases the best of ancient and modern architectural wonders and natural landscapes. Indians love Chinese cuisine and all the delicacies it has to offer. China is also fast coming up as a business destination for Indian travellers with all the business exhibitions and expos it holds.

3. Greece- Experience the Charms of Endless Islands

Greece fulfils tourists’ desire for a memorable holiday because of its abundant natural beauty spread across the innumerable islands dotting the Ionian and Aegean Seas. For idyllic pleasures, the beaches of Greece are the best places to lounge around. Enjoy strolling on the black sands of Santorini to partying hard at the luxurious resorts in Mykonos. Do not miss the ancient historical sites at Athens – particularly the Acropolis and the Parthenon. Greece is known for its rich heritage and culture, which is another reason for the increased tourist interest.

4. Romania – A Paradise for Nature Lovers

Romania is a beautiful destination because of the Carpathian Mountains that dominate the area and the River Danube, which creates a destination rich in heritage and bio-diversity in South-eastern Europe. Green pastures co-exist against the backdrop of pine-growing rocky peaks. Because Romania is relatively unexplored as a tourist destination, the interest of travellers in visiting Romania has increased.

5. Fiji – A Breathtaking Coral Reef Spectacle

Fiji (an archipelago of 300 islands in the South Pacific) is the place to be if you want to immerse in the pleasures of underwater diving and snorkelling activities. It is a once-in-a-lifetime experience to come close to clear lagoons, palm-fringed beaches and charismatic coral reefs of an Oceanian country. The beauty and serenity of Fiji is what is attracting tourists to this archipelago.

6. Japan – A Splendid Island Nation

Japan, in East Asia, is among the best tourism hubs because of the harmonious co-existence of modern skyscraper-dotted cities with ancient temples, shrines and imperial palaces. It is a lovely experience to be in Japan for its natural wonders as well as cultural charms. Here is our guide for travelling Japan on a budget.

7. Finland – The Lure of Mystical and Dramatic Northern Lights

The unrivalled charm of Norway, the beautiful Northern European destination bordering the Baltic Sea, lies in the magical Arctic Lapland province famed for the mystical phenomena of the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights), ski resorts, fur-lined forests and national parks. Spend some happy times at Rovaniemi, Santa Claus’ residence with friends and family.

Read this if you want to know more about Finland: Finland and Other Helpful Advice to Follow while Travelling.

8. Norway – Experience the Land of Fantastic Fjords

Norway is perfect for an adventure holiday in the land of unlimited, breathtaking natural beauty. Norway is marked by gorgeous fjords, cliffs and waterfalls that take a plunge from an impressive height. Sighting the midnight sun and the Aurora Borealis, Old Viking ships and beautifully coloured wooden houses of residents, are reasons enough for tourists to want to visit here.

9. Cyprus – A Mediterranean Island Paradise

Situated right at the juncture where three continents (Europe, Asia and Africa) touch base, Cyprus is a travel delight for Indians because of the vibrant cultural scenario and the overwhelming natural splendours. You will enjoy the clean beaches that are in perfect harmony with shimmering waters and blue skies.

10. Oman – Welcome to the Land of the Dunes and the Bedouins

Situated in the Arabian Peninsula, Oman is a travellers’ delight, with golden deserts, outstanding oases and long stretches of coastline boasting of beautiful beaches. The souks or the lively markets of Oman are added attractions alongside the Grand Mosque situated at Muscat. Oman has plenty to offer from desert safari to delicious food experiences, If you are planning to experience this here are some of top hotels to stay in Oman.

11. Kenya- The Land of Amazing Wild Life

A holiday in Kenya is ideal for all adventure and wildlife lovers in East Africa. The travel delights of Kenya include rich natural reserves, the vast Savannah landscape, exciting wildlife, Mount Kilimanjaro and the Great Rift Valley. All of these are just some of the many reasons Kenya should be on your travel list.

12. Russia- A Fascinatingly Beautiful Nation

Russia has a fairy-tale charm exhibited by the awesome architectural splendours like St. Basil’s Cathedral, Red Square Moscow, Lenin’s Mausoleum and lovely museums preserving ancient heritage. The splendid cities add to its charm, especially Sochi city which is famous for hiking trails, cascading waterfalls and beautiful Botanical Garden. The history of Russia is another reason that makes it popular among tourists.

13. Egypt- Welcome to the Land of the Blue Nile

Egypt needs no formal introduction, but it is a must-visit just to see the wonders of the world such as the Great Sphinx and gigantic Pyramids right in front of your eyes. The alluring landscape and the oldest of monuments (dating back to times when the Pharaohs reigned) are gems of this African country. If you enjoy history, then Egypt should definitely be on your radar.

Of late, Indians have gotten more adventurous and are heading to exotic places primarily because cheaper travel options have become available and easy to avail visa facilities have surfaced to promote cross-national tourism. The trend is here to stay. Why don’t you join the bandwagon of tourists flocking to newer international destinations?