Top Tips For Foreign Nationals At Delhi Airport

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The majority of international tourists arrive in India by air and New Delhi airport is one of the main points for them to visit the country. All the government officials present at Indian airports speak fluent English, so you won’t face communication problems at the airports.

Here is a list of some handy tips that would help a foreign national at the Indira Gandhi International Airport in New Delhi.

1. All foreigners arriving in India need to fill up an Arrival Card for immigration/customs clearance and hand over to the immigration officer. Before you leave the immigration counter, do ensure your passport is duly stamped to avoid the problems that could otherwise occur while leaving the country.

2. At the airport, your luggage gets scanned as the standard process. Luggage trolleys are available free by the Airport Authority of India. You can easily find help at a reasonable cost to get your luggage out of the belt and push your trolley. It is particularly helpful if you are travelling with kids.

3. Currency exchange counters are inside the terminal. Outside of the customs they may or may not be an authorized currency exchange counter. Always keep the exchange receipt as this will help you to convert the unspent amount back to your currency when you leave the country.

4. When exiting the Delhi International Airport, after clearing the immigration counters you can see two sides, popularly known as the RED and GREEN sides. Use the red channel, if you have dutiable items to declare at customs. If you have nothing to declare, walk by the green channel. If you are asked to pay custom on your product, you may need to justify the officer that it is solely for your use and you would be taking it back after your journey. The customs officer would then make an entry on your passport to note the product. In case of any damage, you can report damage or even lost luggage at the airport. The authority would take your number and call you back when the problem resolves.

5. When you land at Delhi's international airport, directly head to the pre-paid taxi booth, unless you have a friend or relative waiting for you or have arranged transport. It is the most reliable transport provided by the Delhi Transport Department and Delhi Police. You need to pay at the counter. Handle the receipt to the driver only on arrival at your destination. When you exit the Indira Gandhi International Airport, the Delhi Police will record your details, including the driver number for your protection. Preferably, book your flight to arrive at New Delhi airport during daylight.

6. It is always advised to pre-book your hotel before you land. But due to any circumstances, if you have failed, you can still book the hotel and even tours from the airport. There are several stalls where you can go and the staff would be happy to help you, depending on your budget and requirements. If you want, you can even book outskirts tours from the airport itself. The agencies selling packages inside the airport are always the best bet for the tourists as they are government regulated and usually have a person to translate if you speak a foreign language other than English. If you have already asked your hotel to arrange transport, you can see the hotel driver standing out when you exit the airport. Usually, they carry your name and the hotel name to recognise you.

7. Transportation to and from the airport is around one hour away from the city centre. We recommend you to satisfy your hunger before you hit the roads as the trip may be longer due to traffic and distance. The cafes and bars located at the Delhi airport can be your best place to take some quick bites. There are a lot of international cuisines as well. Prices are reasonable and they accept major credit and debit cards. If you are a woman and your flight lands in the middle of the night, it's a good plan to stay at the airport till 5 a.m. and then move on to your destination. Delhi is not very safe at night, especially for the tourists. We highly recommend you to take a decent-star secured hotel than go for cheap lodges.

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Hyderabad To Delhi

Delhi witnesses thousands of passengers daily from Hyderabad. There are many Hyderabad to Delhi flights available. The shortest Hyderabad to Delhi flight takes around five minutes less in two hours. There are many other Hyderabad to Delhi flights too, which go via other cities, but we do not recommend it as it unnecessarily increases the overall journey time.

Here is a list of some major Hyderabad to Delhi flights which are direct:

  • Vistara
  • SpiceJet
  • IndiGo
  • AirAsia (India)

These tips are helpful for a foreign national at the Delhi airport. In case of assistance, you could always contact the airport authority.

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