Top 10 business hotels near Kolkata airport

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Renowned for its cultural richness and culinary delights, Kolkata is increasingly gaining prominence as an important business centre in the country. In the past, the capital city of West Bengal, by virtue of its proximity to the sea, was one of the busiest trading centres in the entirety of South Asia. The profuse availability of resources and cheap labour made Kolkata conducive to the industrial boom in the wake of the national movement in the 1930s. Gradually, the industrial growth in Kolkata became stunted, maimed by political unrest in the region. Fortunately, in the recent past, there has been a noticeable resurgence of the industries in Kolkata, with investors from different parts of the world looking towards Bengal for new ventures and concomitantly, newer projects rapidly coming up all across Kolkata. The grand success of the successive business summits in Kolkata testifies the transforming character of the business opportunities in the city.

With the growth in infrastructure, competent regulatory mechanisms and a robust market, the industrial development in Kolkata has been on the rise in contemporary times. Alongside such advancements, visits of delegates and business executives to Kolkata from different firms all over the world have also become more frequent. This has also stimulated an upgrade in the hospitality sector of Kolkata. Almost all the luminaries of the hotel business have invested in Kolkata. Now, the city boasts of a fair share of 5-star luxury hotels with world-class services, perfect for a tranquil and comfortable stay for all those on business visits to Kolkata. Most of the luxury hotels in Kolkata are situated at convenient locations from the airport. Therefore, the dignitaries may enjoy the ease of travel alongside a pleasant stay. Most Bangalore to Kolkata flights land late in the evening. Accordingly, finding a hotel close to the airport can be a task. Here is a list of some of the best hotels to lodge in while on a business tour in Kolkata.

Taj Bengal

Hotel Taj Bengal, the first venture in Kolkata of the Taj Group, is one of the oldest luxury hotels in the capital city of West Bengal. The construction of Taj Bengal not only enhanced the international facade of the city but also relied on several laudable principles. For instance, the hotel was restricted to five floors so as to not disrupt the route of the migratory birds that flew every year to the nearby Alipore Zoo. Further, the uniforms of the staff are woven in fine handloom procured from the weavers directly. With all the modern amenities and a strong reflection of the cultural prowess of Bengal, including terracotta figurines and masterpieces by famous painters in the likes of Paritosh Sen adorning the lobby, the restaurants and coffee shops at Taj Bengal are known for their unmatched taste and have served public figures like Pandit Ravi Shankar and Hillary Clinton during their stays in Kolkata.

Hyatt Regency Kolkata

One of the first 5-star hotels in Kolkata, Hyatt Regency revolutionised the hospitality sector by ushering in global standards of luxury living in harmony with the heritage of the city. One of the biggest advantages of Hyatt Regency is that it is located very close to the airport, at the heart of the Salt Lake township of Kolkata. Beautiful landscapes, equipped with facilities like swimming pool, gymnasium, spa and sports complex, Hyatt indeed raised the standards of Kolkata’s hotel industry. Gucchi, the signature restaurant of Hyatt, allows guests to interact with the chef and have their own recipes replicated by the experts.

ITC Sonar

The inauguration of ITC Sonar in 2002 redefined the luxury hotel sector in Kolkata. The architecture embodied contemporaneity and historical splendour and the world class in house service and facilities made sure Kolkata was ready to host the world. ITC Sonar has ever since been the favourite location for hosting important corporate events in Bengal. It is all set to replicate its legacy with the construction of its twin hotel, ITC Royal Bengal, scheduled for a late 2019 opening.

The Stadel

The only hotel in India to be built under a sports stadium, the Stadel has drawn eminent personalities from all walks of life for the past couple of decades, with its unique design and impressive service. Stadel’s eateries and patisserie serve sumptuous delicacies and make the guests want to visit again.


Located at the heart of the IT hub of Kolkata, a few minutes ride away from the airport, Swissotel Heralds is a luxury and comfort hotel for all corporate visitors to Kolkata. A resplendent design and commendable service with the boon of all modern amenities like swimming pool, gymnasium, spa and fine diners, Swissotel offers everything that one needs to have a memorable stay in the city. Further, being located next to a sprawling mall, Swissotel offers the luxury of shopping as well.


Nestled about 20 minutes away from the airport, Novotel is a highly acclaimed 5-star hotel in Kolkata that indulges its guests with all the luxuries of a premier hotel at a very convenient location to both the airport and the IT hub of Kolkata. Consequently, for all those who travel on a Bangalore to Kolkata flight for business or corporate events, Novotel becomes a popular choice.

Taj Gateway

One of the latest but a significant upgrade in the luxury hotel industry of Kolkata is the Taj Gateway. Located at Kolkata’s arterial EM Bypass, it enjoys the advantage of being close to the city while being at a convenient distance from the airport. Sleek modern architecture complemented by Taj’s signature service makes Gateway an ideal stay for all corporate guests.

JW Marriott

One of the stalwarts in the hospitality sector, JW Marriott’s inauguration was a landmark for Kolkata. The resplendent hotel, located close to the airport, is one of the most sought after 5-star hotels in Kolkata. Although it is the newest addition to Kolkata’s hotel industry, it has already hosted who’s who from all across the globe during their visits to Kolkata.

The Park

The Park, Kolkata, offers you luxury at possibly the best location. Its location allows you to access most commercial districts of the city. So, you’ll never be out of things to do when you’re in the vicinity of The Park, Kolkata. The suites offered here are lavishly furnished. It is a popular destination for business travelers, especially the young ones, because of its exciting post-hours entertainment. Being a roof to 4 popular nightlife destinations, The Park has its own buzz around the city.

The Oberoi Grand

The Oberoi Grand is located at a perfect distance from Kolkata’s main shopping district, the New Market, and business districts. Offering an outdoor pool, gym, spa, and lavishly furnished rooms, The Oberoi Grand sees visitors from across the country throughout the year. The rooms here feature a 32-inch flat-screen TV and a DVD player to pass your time. Located a mere 1.9 mi from the railway station and 3.7 mi from the airport, The Oberoi Grand is one of the most attractive destinations for businessmen visiting the city.

With the above list in your mind, you’ll be able to find the perfect hotel for yourself to stay in!

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