Top 5 Requirements For Visit Visa to UAE

Dubai, the largest city in the UAE, is one of the most sought-after travel locations in the world for its scenic views, thrilling experiences and vastly exotic environment. Travellers around the world express Dubai as an oasis in the middle of the desert that has some of the tallest and luxurious infrastructure, flourishing business houses and a growing merge of varied culture, food and lifestyle. India contributed more than 10% of Dubai”s tourist population in 2017 and the figures have only increased exponentially since then. If you are also among those, who would love to visit Dubai once for the experience, here”s how you can get your visit visa to UAE:

Getting Dubai Visa for Indians


1. The citizens of India, who have a travel record in the last five years for other countries of UAE like the USA, the UK, European Union, Australia, New Zealand, Russia, Canada, Switzerland and Japan, are eligible.

2. For the Indian applicants who are the first time international travellers would be required to present proper financial records like the income tax returns of the last two years, having a gross income of INR 2 Lakh per annum. The source of this should come from business, employment or profession.

3. The applicant needs to have a personal invite from any close family member staying in UAE in family status with spouse and children below 21 years of age and parents above 60 years of age. The applicant”s Dubai friend can invite such a host in UAE.

4. If you”re planning to have a honeymoon in Dubai, you would need to submit the original marriage certificate and a NOC from your parents. They should also include their wedding card, a valid photo ID proof and a marriage photograph to obtain the “OK To Board” confirmation from the airlines they choose to fly.

5. A male below 21 years of ages must be travelling with a guardian.

6. Female travellers below 22 years of age should be accompanied by her father, brother, husband, son or any immediate male relative.

7. An individual below 18 years of age cannot travel alone.

8. The visitor visa cannot be processed on a DIPLOMATIC passport

The UAE government provides visas based on the purpose and the scope of work of the travellers. This regulation narrows down the numbers of tourists fledged in the city but also helps the officials to maintain order amongst vast amounts at times. A tourist visa is considered as a subcategory of a visit visa, only it is for a limited period.

14-day Dubai Tourist Visa:

The name itself implies that this visa permits an individual to stay in UAE for a limited period of 14 days and valid for only two months from the date of entry in the country. Any travel beyond the two months is liable to punishment by law.

30-day Dubai Tourist Visa:

For people who want to try their hands in the flourishing business market of Dubai, this is the Dubai visa that might make your organization build a vast empire. To make the movements of the organization officials effective, the visitor would travel to different cities on various occasions for a Multiple Entry Visa.

Mandatory Documents for the application process:

– Scanned copies of 1st, last and observation page of the passenger.

– Recent passport size photographs of the traveller.

– Visa application form which is duly signed by the person filling for his/her family member.

– Valid airline ticket for the passenger.

– Copies of 1st, last resident or work permits

– Letter of the undertaking invitation

– Valid address proof and an NRI Bank statement for the previous six months

– Scanned copy of PAN Card of the traveller

– Scanned copy of passport size photographs of the traveller

The Mandatories of the Sponsor:

– Documents of both the traveller and the employer are required at the embassy.

– The visa application form should be submitted along with a photograph of the sponsored person which is to be approved by the authorized signatories or the sponsor himself

– Passport copy of the sponsor

– Passport copy of the sponsored person

– A copy of the employment contract or the salary certificate of the sponsor

– Proof of relationship with the sponsor (in case a family member gives the sponsorship)

– Travel insurance

Now, with the entire process of visa application conducted online by the UAE government, things have become smoother and more transparent for anyone who wants to obtain a valid visit visa. Please note that if you wish to extend your visit visa, you need to keep your permission renewed before it expires at the time of renewal.

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