Tips for when travelling to Australia

Australia is one of the best places to go to if you want to go on an adventure. Home to beautiful landscapes and mountains as well as probably the most diverse wildlife on the planet, Australia is every adrenaline junkie”s dream destination. But to best enjoy your adventurous stay in Australia, here are some tips you might find useful:

Australia is a big country/continent that”s home to a diverse people
You can only see the entire country of Australia if you plan on spending half a year there. Australia is one of the largest countries in the world and is bigger than almost all of the European nations combined. This means that you would have to cover a lot of ground if you intend on taking a trip from one city to another. An entire flight from the east coast to the western shores would take almost six hours. It would take even longer if you prefer travelling by road. So if you want to explore Australia, it”s best if you allot several weeks because you”ll be spending a lot of time on the road.

It”s expensive there
A day”s expense on food, accommodation, and several other tourist activities would cost about $200 a day. It will cost more if you take transportation into account. Consider flying with low-cost airlines or travel by land. You can also rent cars if you want to save money on plane and air tickets. It”s also best if you consider staying at an Airbnb accommodation to lessen your expenses. And, if you have the time, consider cooking your own food because restaurant food can get really expensive.

Learn the local language
Though Australians speak English, there are a lot of differences between their version when compared to other western English-speaking countries. Some words in America may not mean the same in Australia. Try doing your research first to make sure you don”t cause any misunderstandings and to get your message across as clear as day. This is also one of the best ways for you to make new “mates” (friends).

You won”t be seeing a lot of kangaroos and koalas
You”ll be seeing these animals in the wild but you have to go further inland and into national parks to see them up close. Kangaroos and koalas are rare in cities and populated areas. It”s best to go to a national park or reserve if you want to see these animals and several other species of birds and lizards native only to Australia.

The sun is hot
Mind the sun in Australia. It can get really hot during the day. Make sure to stock up on sunblock if you don”t want to get sunburn. Skin cancer is also fairly high in a lot of places in Australia because of how strong the sun can get. Nevertheless, if you love the heat of the sun, then this country is for you. Just make sure you balance your indoor and outdoor time to make sure the sun doesn”t hurt you too much.

The weather in Australia is weird
In America and in Europe, it can get really cold from December to March. However, that”s when summer strikes Australia. Summers in Australia can get really hot. They aren”t the lovely kinds of summer. Meanwhile, it can get really rainy in some parts of Australia as opposed to the other areas. You can also expect snow in some northern parts of the country. Always expect for any kind of weather condition at any time of the year because the Australian weather can get really unpredictable.

Learn to drink local
Australians really love beer. The best part is that they love their own brew. It”s best if you try to enjoy their local beers and drink alongside several other locals. The beer in Australia is really good that you”ll never wonder why they love their beer in the first place.

Accept the fact that you”ll be offline a lot of times
Unlike other countries, internet in Australia can get slow and is really expensive probably because of the environmental conditions. And because the country is huge, some areas don”t even half internet. While most hotels and accommodations would have Wi-Fi, be comfortable with the thought of being offline during your travels in Australia. Your Instagram posts and your Tweets can wait while you enjoy the adventures that await you in Australia.