Tips to Access Goa Airport Lounge

Flying has changed a lot over time. A few years back not every single little thing was chargeable. Nowadays, be it extra luggage, recliner seats, leg space – everything comes with an additional charge. Earlier, people used to arrive just an hour ago to airports and board the flight quickly. But now even the faintest of that idea is impossible! The things have changed so drastically that now in airports, you would see people frowning at the delayed flight schedules of their Delhi to Goa flight every nook and corner! In such desperate times, airport lounges seem like a breathtaking oasis in the middle of nowhere.

Benefits of Airport Lounges:

If you are a frequent flyer, you would probably have more experience with airport lounges across the world. Airport lounges help you to have the right state of calmness for your longer flights with things to do like watch movies or dine; unless you are flying business in some insanely expensive airlines with golf patches to enjoy mid-air! Here are some of the benefits of actually being in an airport lounge:

1. It Helps you to Zone Out

Earlier, airports used to be bustling with people meeting their loved ones after a long time. Nowadays airports are jammed up with people cramming up their ways to the kiosk and finding out about their delayed flights – chaos! In those sweaty and martial law-like situations, the lounges in the airports are will provide you some moments of calm.

All these reasons go a long way in making the airport lounges appreciable by the people far and wide who travel to Goa. They are like a breath of fresh air, taking you away from all the negativity of the world into a world where things are more beautiful, tastier and calmer plus you get gifts to take as a souvenir to remember these times as well. To connect to the Wi-Fi, order some of your comfort food and relax your pre-journey times the way you want to.

2. Affordable Everything

Airports are merciless businessmen when it comes to food, shopping or even a bottle of packaged drinking water, while lounges are like the noble houses of local hosts who love to bring you the best of their warmth, culture, cuisine and offerings for you.

3. Family Fun Times

If you are travelling superjumbo with crying babies and finicky kids, then lounges are all you need to make sure that they are well rested before you board that flight. Plenty of space is allotted as the kid”s room, and as baby corners, where babies can be attended quickly before the first flight, and you can read a magazine there as well while waiting for your flight.

Unlimited Access Tips:

But, you cannot have much of a good thing. The same goes for airport lounges as well. Following are the tips on how you can have unlimited access to the Goa airport lounge (or all airport lounges) for the rest days of your life:

1. Pay-Per-Use Lounges

If you are flying economy, then in a budget airline you might be wondering that airport lounges are way out of your league. There are lounges in the Goa Airport, which are managed by private companies which can be accessed by any traveller despite their flying class or airline they choose. These lounges are the haven for those who have their flights delayed, cancelled at the last minute to relax at and can quickly pay for their service at the end of the day. They charge a particular amount for a stipulated period of time.

2. Signing up for Frequent Flyer Program

If you are an airline preference with whom you travel quite frequently, you can then quickly join their frequent flyer program. With every flight booking, you can earn miles on your account that can give you complimentary access to the world’s best lounges, that too for free! All you need to do is choosing the right programme for you.

3. Execute Your Credit Card Privileges

Besides reaping exclusive discounts, cash back and other rewards now it is the time to avail the class perks that your credit card offers to you. American Express credit cards offer a different annual fee and lounge access worldwide! HDFC Bank Regalia First Credit Card comes with its own set of free access to domestic and international lounges at a heavily discounted price.

Now you know how you can assure yourself of having good times at the airport the next time you step out of your Delhi to Goa flight!

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