Things to Know About Mumbai Airport

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Being the second busiest airport of India, Mumbai airport serves more than 45 million annually. It is an important entry point into the country. In 2006, the airport was leased to a private operator, and since then, there have been many renewals and upgrades.

An integrated international Terminal, Terminal 2, has been added along with a new domestic terminal. The inauguration of Terminal 2 was done in January 2014, and it started operations in February 2014, exclusively for international flights. Now domestic airlines are branching out into Terminal 2 in a phased manner.

The Mumbai airport hosts both national as well as international flights. There are flights from the Mumbai airport to every major city, both in India as well as abroad. Whether it is a Mumbai to Hyderabad flight, or from Mumbai to Kolkata, or any other major destination, chances are that you’ll definitely find a flight with Mumbai airport as the source.

Travel Time to City Center

The travel time to Colaba is 120 minutes. The timings are shorter if you travel early morning or late-night when the traffic is lesser.

Terminal 1 (Domestic Flights)

There are three terminals in the domestic airport, i.e., 1A, 1B and 1C.

  • 1A: Closed since March 15, 2016
  • 1B: Used for GoAir, SpiceJet & Indigo Departures and arrivals
  • 1C: Links 1A and 1B. It is the area that accommodates passengers before departure and also has a food junction.

Terminal 2 (International flights)

Airlines like Vistara, Jet Airways and Air India use Terminal 2 for domestic flights. Otherwise, Mumbai Airport's Terminal 2 hosts all international arrivals & departures. The operations of Jet Airways were transferred to Terminal 2 on March 15, 2016.

The four levels are as follows :

  • Level 1: Used for transportation
  • Level 2: Used for arrivals
  • Level 3: Used for domestic departures
  • Level 4: Used for international departures

Transportation is directly accessible to Terminal 2 from the new Sahar Elevated Road. It provides seamless connectivity from the Western Express Highway. You have to take Sahar Road, whether you are travelling through a motorbike, auto rickshaw or bus.

However, these conveyances aren't allowed in the arrival and departure area.

Security checking takes place right before immigration at Terminal 2, unlike other airports. This is for an advantage for passengers who can separate the items which fail the security check and can be put into the check-in baggage. The long wall showcasing Indian Art is another highlight of Mumbai Airport's Terminal 2. The roof of this Terminal also displays creative art inspired by dancing white peacocks.

Airport Facilities

  • Terminal 2 has 60 immigration counters for departure & 76 immigration counters for arrival, 47 escalators, ten luggage carousels, 73 elevators, 188 check-in counters, 52 boarding bridges, 21,000 square meters of area for, and parking facility for around 5,000 cars.
  • Both international and domestic terminal buildings at the Mumbai airport offer free internet.
  • There is a care facility for specially-abled people. Assistance and wheelchairs are available inside the terminals.
  • ATMs and money exchange counter are available in the terminals.
  • The arrival hall of Terminal 2 and 1a, and the departure area of Terminal 1B include postal services.

Airport Lounges

Terminal 2 provides a whole lot of lounge facilities for passengers:

GVK Lounge : First class and business class passengers can relax in this lounge. It is located on levels 3 and 4 of Terminal 2. You can enjoy an extensive range of facilities including spa and shower, food, beverages, business meeting centre, concierge, library, etc.

CIP Lounge : The CIP lounge is available for "Commercially Important Passengers." It provides visitors with wireless internet, reading material and luxury seating.

Loyalty Lounge : This lounge is for passengers who hold a MasterCard, Priority Pass, Lounge key, Amex Cards, Diners, Airport Angle, and Visa. You can also have access to it by paying for it. Other benefits include unlimited alcoholic beverages, books, free WiFi and buffet-dining.

Pranaam Lounge : Pranaam lounge is for those passengers who wish to avail lounge facilities. This particular lounge provides books, magazines, newspapers, buffet-dining, free WiFi, non-alcoholic beverages, luggage storage, and has a baby care area.

Shuttle Bus (Inter-terminal)

Both the terminals are situated around three miles apart. You can use a free shuttle bus to commute from one terminal to another. The departure takes place every 20-30 minutes, 24x7. The approximate time between the two terminals is 20 minutes.

Airport Parking Spot

There is multi-level car parking which can hold up to 5,000 vehicles at a time. Charges for parking were increased on December 1, 2016. Note that free pickup of passengers isn’t allowed form the arrivals area.

Rates for pickup and drop in the domestic arrivals area are the same, but a quick stop is free.