Things To Keep In Mind At Delhi Airport

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Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi, one of the busiest airports in India, is possibly among the main entry points for most foreign tourists visiting the national capital. According to the data in 2017, Delhi airport handled over 63.5 million passengers, making it the seventh busiest airport in Asia. Still undergoing its first phase of renovation, it is expected to be completed by 2021.

Here is a quick guide on what things you should keep in mind at Delhi airport:

1. Using The Facilities Of The Airport

Delhi airport is the seventh busiest airport in the world. It boasts its facilities and choice of gourmet choices. The airport also has some leading brands where you could shop. It is suggested to buy genuine products from the airport if you are running out of time rather than from local streets. At the arrivals and departures, you can find several stores from a range of products, including cosmetics, liquor, perfumes, confectioneries and souvenirs. For the readers, there are many stores available that offer some of the best collections of books, paper supplies, journals and travel accessories. The airport also has free Wi-Fi. You could save your data pack and use the Wi-Fi to kill your time. The airport has comfortable sleeping pods. It owns five lounges that offer a world-class level of comfort, luxury and services to its travellers.

2. Flights Delays

Usually, in December, the airport is often affected by fog. When you are travelling in December, you need to keep in mind that at times these blanket of fog remains even for days. We advise you to check the forecast before booking your flight. Be prepared for flight delays and cancellations.

3. The Process At The Airport

For Indians, there is a counter where you can walk straight and show your passport and finish your customs. But, if you are a foreigner, you may need to wait at least an hour depending on various factors. Make sure that the immigration police have stamped your passport with an arrival stamp so to avoid problems when you are exiting the country.

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The trolleys for holding your baggage are free. Do not pay anyone for it. A porter may offer help on picking your luggage from the belt and pushing your trolley. It comes in handy if you are travelling with children. Note that the porter prefers foreign currency. Make sure you have your valued belongings and you are supervising your children. Do not trust any strangers at the airport.

For currency exchange, keep in mind that there are two leading travel exchanges that are trustworthy. Ensure to take a receipt and count your money.

If you have nothing to declare, you need to pass through the green channel. Do not feel uncomfortable on sighting armed security personnel. They are appointed to ensure your safety.

4. Book Your Taxi

When you land at Delhi’s International Airport, directly head to the pre-paid taxi booth, unless you have a friend or relative waiting for you or have arranged transport. It is the most reliable transport provided by the Delhi Transport Department and Delhi Police. You need to pay at the counter. Handle the receipt to the driver only on arrival at your destination. When you exit the Indira Gandhi International Airport, the Delhi Police will record your details, including the driver number for your protection. Preferably, book your flight to arrive at New Delhi airport during daylight.

5. Eat Before You Leave The Airport

Transport to and from the airport is around one hour away from the city centre. We recommend you to satisfy your hunger before you hit the roads as the trip may be longer due to traffic and distance. The cafes and bars located at the Delhi airport can be your best place to take some quick bites. Prices are reasonable and they accept major credit and debit cards.

If you are a woman and your flight lands in the middle of the night, it’s a good plan to stay at the airport till 5 a.m. and then move on to your destination. Delhi is not very safe at night, especially for the tourists. We highly recommend you to take a decent-star secured hotel than go for cheap lodges.

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Kolkata To Delhi

There are a number of passengers travelling daily from Kolkata to Delhi. There are a lot of domestic Kolkata to Delhi flights and a non-stop Kolkata to Delhi flight takes around 2 hours and 30 minutes. The major Kolkata to Delhi flights are:

  1. GoAir
  2. Indigo
  3. SpiceJet
  4. Air India
  5. Vistara

There are also a few Kolkata to Delhi flights which go via some other cities. But, it is always recommended to take a direct flight as it saves time.

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