Things to do in Kuwait as a tourist

The rich oil resources are what make Kuwait so famous, but a lesser known fact is that this desert country offers numerous fun activities for tourists. This fascinating country is an incredible combination of traditional values and modern technology. Though Kuwait City is the major tourist attraction in Kuwait, tourists can also find a plethora of things outside of the city.

Here’s a list of things one should not miss out while exploring the magnificent beauty of Kuwait:

Target Shooting:

To have a fun experience, you can go target shooting. There are various shooting clubs and rifle shooting ranges in Kuwait where you get to experience the role of a sniper.

Water Sports:

Among the most thrilling experiences one can have in Kuwait is while speed boating and scuba diving. Dive36, KSSC Dive Centre and Kuwait Water Sports are the famous boat tour companies in Kuwait.

Catamaran Sailing:

Kuwait Sailing Club and KOSA club offer a unique experience where you can learn how to be a crew and sail a Catamaran boat. Messilah Beach is a famous destination to enjoy Catamaran Sailing.

Attend Concerts:

Kuwait is a major hub to attend free concerts and fund-raising events. Social sites like and the Grapevine Kuwait will keep you updated with all the latest events in Kuwait.

Visit Kheiran Beach:

This beautiful beach is a wonderful delight, located near Kuwait-Saudi border. It is perfect if you want to visit a calm place to relax with friends.

Visit the House of Mirrors:

It is among the most unique museums in the world. This art museum is completely covered by mirrors with every room telling its own story.

Shop at the Avenues Mall:

It is among the hugest malls in Kuwait that houses a variety of brands, restaurants and entertainment districts.

How to reach:

By Air: Kuwait Airways is the national airlines of Kuwait that caters from various countries to Kuwait International Airport. Some seasonal flights also go to Kuwait frequently such as Malaysia Airlines, Czech Airlines and Bulgaria Air. From the airport, you can easily board a rental cab.

By Road: KGL and KPTC, City Bus are the reliable and well-known bus services in Kuwait. Further, if you are traveling from Saudi Arabia by your own car The King Fahad Bin Abdul Road is ideal to get to Kuwait.

Best Time to Visit:

The most popular time to visit Kuwait is the beginning of spring i.e. around March. Further, the end of autumn, around November is also suitable as Kuwait experiences mild temperatures during that time. You should avoid travelling to Kuwait in summers and winters due to extreme weather conditions.

Famous Hotels:

Kuwait has various 5-star hotels where you can bask in a lavish experience, such as:

Radisson Blu Hotel, Kuwait
Marina Hotel
JW Marriott Hotel, Kuwait
Sheraton Kuwait

If you’re travelling on a budget, you can book you stay at:

Carlton Tower Hotel
• Delta Hotel Apartments
The Venue Resident
• Grand Majestic Hotel


1. Where can one go for overnight camping in Kuwait?
Al Salmi desert is perfect for camping overnight and enjoying stargazing. You should keep your own tent, barbecue and bonfire to have an amazing time with your friends.

2. What are the famous dishes to try in Kuwait?
Some signature dishes that one should definitely relish in Kuwait include warak enab, Kushari, Jireesh and Machboos. Further, you should also try the mouth-watering street food of Kuwait that will make you want more and more.

3. Is it legal to consume alcohol in Kuwait?
Kuwait has a very strict law against consumption of alcohol. Buying, selling of alcohol is considered a serious crime under Kuwait’s law.

4. Is Kuwait a safe country for tourists?
Kuwait is safe for tourists but respecting the country’s culture and local laws help you stay out of any problems or trouble.

5. What are the famous places of worship to visit in Kuwait?
The Grand Mosque and Al-Shmlan Mosque are the famous places of worship to visit in Kuwait.