10 Top Theme Parks of The World That You Must Visit

Whether one is a child, a teenager or an adult, it is hard to resist the pull and thrill of an amusement park. After all, where else can one enjoy a perfect blend of fun, entertainment, adventure, shopping, eating and much more. Today, there are hundreds of theme parks across the world, and the best ones are said to be in the USA. Europe and Asia too are fast merging as fun destinations for theme parks in both quality and popularity.

Although it is difficult to list the top theme parks of the world, there are some that are developing into a hot favourite amongst thrill-seekers looking for an adrenaline rush. Embark on a joyous journey of thrill and adventure at any of the theme parks listed below. What makes them the best amongst the others is the amazing experiences they offer.

1. Universal Studios in Singapore

Universal Parks and Resorts in Sentosa Island boasts of 7 theme areas with over 24 different attractions. These themes include New York, Sci-Fi City, Madagascar, Ancient Egypt, The Lost World and Far Far Away. It has a number of water rides as well as other thrilling activities and rides that will get your heart racing. Battlestar Galactica, Shrek’s 4-D adventure and Water World are just some of the exciting rides here. This spectacular theme park makes for an unforgettable vacation and lots of cherished memories.

2. Fantawild Adventure in China

Fantawild chain in China is a tremendous player when it comes to emerging theme parks. Fantawild Adventure in Wuhu is one of the most popular theme parks and is divided into fifteen zones. Again, there are long queues for the four roller coasters. One should not miss the Big Thunder Mountain.

3. Port Aventura in Spain

Another most visited amusement parks in the world is Port Aventura in Spain. This is your chance to enter the world of fun, relaxation and some excellent cuisines. Get ready to enjoy a fascinating experience in this iconic theme park in Europe. It is based on historical civilizations and is loaded with many amazing rides like the highest slide in Europe, the King Khajuna.

4. Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Florida

The classic film-themed park draws inspiration from Hollywood of 1930s and 40s. The theme areas are based on Echo Lake, Streets of America, Boulevard, Animation courtyard, and Pixar place. Those informative backstage tours, 3-D motion-simulated space flight, and exciting stage shows make for a genuinely exciting experience. Enjoy the best dining experiences at the many fabulous restaurants here.

5. Alton Towers in the UK

Alton Towers located in Staffordshire is the most popular theme park in the UK. Spread across 500 acres, there are different themed areas on different sides of the garden. One can choose from seven major roller coasters, several rides and many other attractions to woo the guests. Don”t miss the masterwork Nemesis, known for its attractive design.

6. Disneyland in France

Disneyland Paris is made of vast entertainment complexes and attractions. There is so much to do and see here, such as roller coaster rides, stage shows, shopping and dining. It is indeed one of the best indoor amusement parks. You will love the impressive light displays and mesmerising fireworks. Enjoy some incredible themes like Pirates of the Caribbean, Big Thunder Mountain and Buzz Lightyear”s Astro Blasters.

7. Pleasure Beach in the UK

Exploring Pleasure Beach is quite a pleasure in itself. Get ready for an out of the world experience at one of the leading amusement parks in the world. You will love the fabulous stage shows as well as the electrifying selection of roller coasters. Apart from that, there are huge discounts on fabulous shows, and this is what makes Pleasure Beach a hot favourite amongst families with kids!

8. Busch Gardens in Williamsburg

Busch Gardens Williamsburg is located in the USA. It is divided into various themed lands and each one of those themes is based on a European country. Busch Gardens has long lines for the major roller coasters, since those rides are so amazing. The most popular roller coaster here is ‘Apollo”s Chariot’. Don”t miss the multi-launch family coaster set amidst incredible scenery with amazing special effects.

9. Shanghai Disneyland in China

Another most visited theme parks in the world is the Shanghai Disneyland. Enjoy exciting light shows and water rides here. Visitors love exploring the park, and shopping and dining at the exclusive restaurants. You are sure to have the time of your life with so many amazing entertainment options. It features Tomorrowland, Mickey Avenue, Fantasyland, Gardens of Imagination and many more rides and attractions where one can have a wonderful time.

10. Europa Park in Germany

Cited as the best theme park for kids and families, Europa Park in Germany takes you on an unforgettable journey. It is spread across 200-acre grounds and displays the art, culture, lifestyle and architecture of twelve European countries. Enjoy thrilling roller coaster rides that will take you through haunted houses, fairylands, gnomes, pirates and cannibals. There are plenty of shows, such as musical laser shows, animal shows, and puppet shows.

11. Six Flags Magic Mountain in California

Six Flags Magic Mountain boasts of more roller coasters than any other theme park in the world. This park is one of the parks in the Six Flags chain and what makes it unique is that it is focused mainly on thrill rides. There are areas for younger kids like Bugs Bunny World and Whistlestop Park. However, the biggest attractions of the park are the X2 fourth-dimension coaster, 400-foot drop tower Lex Luthor and the enormous Goliath hyper-coaster.

12. Legoland in Denmark

If you have played with Lego blocks as a child, then you can relive your childhood fantasy once again at the Legoland in Denmark. Enter a fascinating mini-land that is made entirely of LEGO Bricks. It is popular and a favourite of kids. There is so much to do here. Children can get involved in the much-loved activities of Legoland like doing experiments with the crazy scientist or enjoying family rides. It is an incredible experience to enjoy your favourite rides with everybody’s favourite Lego blocks. Whiz through Polar land in the amazing snowmobile or enjoy the kiddie coasters; the fun is endless.

Many people feel that theme parks are meant for children. This is completely wrong. If you visit any of the listed theme parks, you will love the amazing rides and activities they have for children as well as adults. Plan your holiday with advance booking flight tickets and have nonstop fun in these parks with your friends or family.