The Most Haunted Place in India: Bhangarh Fort

If you are one of those tourists looking for a scary experience on your trip, then you should head for one of the most haunted places in India, the Bhangarh Fort. After all, it is indeed exciting to stay in a scary place for a petrifying supernatural experience that you are unlikely to forget for the rest of your life! So, get ready to combine travel with horror and head for this most haunted spot not just in India but across Asia.

Where is Bhangarh Fort?

Bhangarh Fort is in Rajasthan and situated along the Aravali hills along the border of the Sariska Reserve. The fort is located at the base of the sloping terrain of the mountains and is surrounded by trees and a pond area. Some natural streams run within the premises of the fort too. From Delhi, it will take you about five to six hours to reach the fort. Even the drive to Bhangarh fort would be a bit eerie as you would pass through visibly inhabited areas and villages. There are several ruins along the road with doors of houses and havelis carrying large rusted locks. Even during the day, the fort and its surrounding areas look deserted and lonely.

Who built the Bhangarh fort?

The Bhangarh fort was constructed by Raja Bhagwant Singh, who was the Kachwaha ruler of Amber in 1573 A.D. He built the fort for his younger son Madho Singh. The fort carries traces of the proud Rajput clan and dynasty. However, there are very few written accounts related to the fort.

Story Behind the Haunting

There is a story that runs behind the Bhangarh Fort. It comprises of the beautiful princess Ratnavati who was the daughter of Chatr Singh. She was famous for her beauty and graceful nature. Thus, it was no surprise to see many proposals coming to her for marriage. Once, the princess went out to a market to buy a bottle of perfume. An evil priest (tantrik) got mesmerised with her beauty and fell in love with her. As he was aware that he could never marry her, he cast a spell on the perfume bottle that she liked. According to the spell, the moment she would apply perfume on her body, she would be attracted to him. But someone came to know of this evil spell and informed the princess. Ratnavati threw the perfume bottle out of her window. The bottle hit a rock and broke. The magical perfume now cast a spell on the rock. Out of magical effect, the rock got attracted to the tantrik, followed him and crushed him to death. Before dying, the tantrik cursed the princess and the Bhangarh Fort that no one would be able to flourish there. Next year, a battle between Bhangarh and Ajabgarh led to the death of Ratnavati and most of the kingdom’s army. Consequently, the curse of the tantrik destroyed the village and the fort, and it is said that the evil soul of the tantrik still haunts the fort to conquer Ratnavati. There are rumours that if anybody tries to build a house in the village, it collapses on its own.

There are many other stories related to the Bhangarh Fort. One revolves around an agreement with a nearby ascetic and how the ascetic cursed the village and the fort and all its inhabitants. However, it is the legend of Princess Ratnavati, which is more popular. Yet, history has another view and says that after Chatr Singh’s death, Ajab Singh established a new fort and gradually the population of the area declined. The remaining villagers were forced to move out because of a famine in 1783.

The Ruined Ramparts of the Fort

Bhangarh Fort may look like the ruins of any other old fort, but what is disturbing about it is the noticeable air of despair and anxiety that one can feel among its ruins. Once the sun goes down, what add to the chilly sensations are the night-time calls of some wild animals from nearby forests. The locals have plenty of tales about hearing supernatural sounds and experiencing paranormal activities in the fort. Many mysterious events and horrible accidents are believed to have taken place here.

There is a story of three friends who tried to spend the night at the fort and all three of them were found dead in the morning. The guides and locals caution the visitors not to enter the premises of the fort at night, or they might never return. Even the Archaeological Survey of India has set up a notice that forbids visits within the fort at night. There are clear orders that state that the Bhangarh Fort should not be entered before sunrise and after sunset. To enjoy such scariest place book hotels in Alwar.

The Creepy Look of the Fort

The fort has a huge wooden gate, and as you enter inside the fort, you find a long road that is lined by ruins on both sides. There are houses, jauhri bazaars and other structures that lie in ruins today. One comes across some huge banyan trees and Someshwara temple. The gateway to the fort with three storeys is very impressive. There are broken columns and fallen walls in the forlorn-looking fort. There are many small temples within the forts’ enclosures. The Royal Palace is located at the very end of the fort. The temples are made in the style of cenotaphs, and Jhiri marble is used for their construction. There is a Muslim tomb right outside the gate of the fort. There is a lot to explore here, and it takes a few hours to cover the whole fort. While the fort doesn’t look so scary during the day, it takes on a different look at night.

Bhangarh Fort is certainly worth a visit, not just because it is the most haunted place in India, but also because of the fascinating ruins of the temples, palaces, and havelis that carry exquisite carvings. What add to the excitement of exploring those ruins are the scary legends attached to the fort. You can actually imagine the princess buying a perfume bottle at the Jauhri Bazaar, and the evil priest having an eye on her from behind a pillar. It is indeed frightening and exciting to visit the Bhangarh Fort. The only way to find out if it is really haunted is to visit at night. However, the truth behind the fort walls remains unexplored because of the ban by the government, and the lack of electricity that makes the thought of exploring the ramparts of the fort at night even more frightening!

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