How to Survive long layovers at Bangkok Airport

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A city with extravagant shrines and a lot to witness, Bangkok is not a place which can be seen in a day or two because it has so much to offer. It is the capital of Thailand and is the home to a million statues of Lord Buddha which are intricate and their beauty is incomparable. But, the question is that how can you absorb the beauty of such a blissful place and Thai culture in a few hours during your layover? People feel puzzled and jumbled when thinking about the places to visit. So, in order to get rid of that puzzle, here are 9 things you can do when on a layover in Bangkok for over four hours:-

1. Relax at Suvarnabhumi Airport:

The spa here offers relaxing Thai massages which can make you get rid of your stress and tiredness. You can get all kinds of massages ranging from foot massages to full body massages. If you wish to pamper and treat yourself even more then going to a spa in Bangkok for a few hours can be a good option when on a layover.

If you want to shop in the airport itself then there are a bunch of duty-free stores where you can splurge without any regrets. Other branded stores are also there in the Suvarnabhumi Airport from where you can buy things for your trip.

2. Visit Khao San Road:

If you’re a shopping freak and love to spend those bucks on stuff you like, then this one-kilometer long road is the real deal for you. From handicrafts to paintings, this street will offer you whatever you want. This street also houses authentic and old Thai restaurants where you can come one step closer to the Thai culture by tasting the delicacies of Thai cuisine. And in the evening, this street comes to life as pubs and bars open up and travellers love to visit this place.

It is approximately 30 minutes away from the airport and you need just two hours to completely enjoy the vibe of this road.

3. Visit Wat Pho Temple:

A classic Buddhist temple, Wat Pho Temple is the largest and the oldest temple in the city of Bangkok. It is believed to be the birthplace of Thai massages and has a larger-than-life statue of Buddha covered with gold leaf. You won’t be able to appreciate the murals and images of Buddha enough and this place proves to be a must-visit when in Bangkok.

It is 30 minutes away from the airport and you require an hour to absorb the extravagance of this temple.

4. Visit Erawan Shrine:

An essence of tranquility can be felt when in Erawan Shrine as this houses the statue of Phra Phrom which is a Thai representation of Brahma. Ceremonial offerings of garlands are made to respect Lord Brahma and teakwood is offered to elephants so that the deity’s wish is fulfilled. Thai classical dance can also be witnessed and enjoyed at this peaceful place. You can visit this place without any hassle as it is only 27 minutes away from the airport and only an hour or so is required to this experience this shrine to the fullest.

5. Taste different Thai delicacies:

Eating good food and indulging into Thai delicacies can be a perfect way to spend your time when on a layover. Dishes like spicy shrimp soup and papaya salad will not only change your palate but will also make you feel heavenly.

When you explore the eating options in Bangkok, you will discover that there are a variety of options from Asian go-to counters to takeaways and fast food restaurants like Burger King and Starbucks in case you do not like Thai food.

6. Visiting Grand Palace:

Being one of the most famous landmarks in Bangkok, Grand Palace is spectacular and humongous. Known for its architecture, the Grand Palace is the epitome of craftsmanship and should be seen and appreciated by everyone. It is located on the banks of River Chao Phraya and is known to reside the Emerald Buddha. The murals and paintings are amazing and are sure to leave you startled. And when visiting this place, keep in kind the dress code which is supposed to be followed as it is the most sacred site in all of Bangkok. Men should wear long pants and shirts with sleeves. Women cannot wear sleeveless tops and shorts. Also, your feet should not be bare. In case you are not properly dressed, then there is a booth close to the temple where the management will give you proper clothes to cover yourself.

It is approximately 27 minutes away from the airport and an hour and a half is enough to appreciate its beauty.

7. Check-in to a hotel

Flights can really suck the energy out of your body especially when taking a Delhi to Bangkok flight which can be over 6 hours long. So, if you are tired because of the flight you took or are beginning to feel tired by thinking about the flight you are about to get on, then taking some rest in an airport hotel might be a good option for you. You can take a room in a hotel close to the airport on an hourly basis or can find a spot in the airport itself to take a nap if you are on a budget. When it comes to cheaper options then taking a room in a transit hotel is the best choice, but if you want to experience luxury for a few hours, then the Novotel, which is close to the airport, is also a good option.

8. Enjoy free Wi-Fi at Suvarnabhumi Airport

If you are neither sleepy nor do you wish to get outside the airport, then surfing the internet is the best option. There is free Wi-Fi available at the Suvarnabhumi International Airport and you can entertain yourself to pass the time. In case you do not have a device to surf the internet then don’t worry because there are over 120 internet kiosks available all around the airport where you can pass your time and wait for your flight.

9. Siam Paragon mall

If you feel the urge to buy stuff and you are not able to find the item required in the street shops, then a mall proves to be a lifesaver. And when it’s a mall like Siam Paragon then you will wish to splurge on random items. With the largest aquarium in Asia and a 16-screen Cineplex, Siam Paragon will not disappoint. It has various luxury brands where you can shop and it also offers multi-cuisine restaurants and food courts.

It is pretty close to the airport as it will take only 26 minutes to reach the mall. Two to three hours are sufficient to shop in Siam Paragon. So, you’ll be able to reach the airport just in time for your flight.

Layovers can be difficult and can make you feel more tired and restless. But, if you find things to do around the airport, then you will be able to pass your time without any worries. And a place like Bangkok, where there is so much to explore, absorb and devour, will never disappoint you. So, the next time you have a layover in Bangkok, do not forget about the places there are to see and appreciate.

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