How to spend layover time at Bangalore Airport?

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Delhi-Bangalore-Delhi witnesses a lot of air traffic being among the busiest metro cities of the country. Bangalore being the hub of IT and Technology companies and Delhi being the first branch office of all these companies and vice versa, travelling between these two cities is very usual and frequent. There are many options for Delhi to Bangalore flights, almost every domestic airline caters to this sector. The duration of the flight is 2 hours and 30 minutes usually.

Bangalore is also a hub for connecting many other domestic and international flight carriers and is the third busiest airport of the country. The Bengaluru Kempegowda International Airport witnesses around 18 million passengers annually. It is spread over 4000 acres of area and it is 40 km away from the city. Around 50% of this traffic lays over at the airport for connecting to another flight and the layover time usually ranges from 2 hours to 10 hours. Layovers cannot be avoided in such a busy airport with so much air traffic.

Layovers can be really boring at times but with these few options in hand, you can make the waiting time interesting. So, here are a few things which you can explore at the Bangalore airport while waiting for your luggage and your next flight!

1. Relax and Experience the Spa –

In our usual busy and tiring lives, Spa and massages appear to be a distant dream. How about getting a spa done while you have some time in hand waiting for your next journey? The Plaza Premium Lounge has a spa area where you can catch some exotic massage and relaxation. O2 Spa also has some of the most relaxing massages and therapies for you to have a fresh and rejuvenated body.

2. Café –

One must not miss the cafés at the airport. There is a famous South Indian coffee shop where you get to enjoy authentic south Indian coffee. There are multiple cafes serving all varieties of coffee. There are various joints for tea lovers as well.

3. Food –

Bangalore airport has food cuisines from every nook and corner of the world to savor. For the authentic Chinese, you can have noodles. You can try Street Food by famous North Indian chain restaurant. There are a myriad of choices for Italian food lovers as well that serve pizza, pasta and many more. Continental or Mediterranean cuisine options are available in abundance at the food courts. If you are up for South Indian delicacies, there are famous chains that operate there. There are also Punjabi street food outlets and American chains that serve here. There are also many bars to serve you your favourite drinks.

4. Shopping –

The most important item in the to-do list when you have some extra time in hand. The Bangalore airport is your one stop destination for all famous brands and retailers. IF you have forgotten to get a gift for a relative or friend, do not fret. There is nothing you will not get in this airport’s shopping area.

There are several duty-free shops at the departure and arrival terminal of Bangalore Airport. You can explore perfumes, liquor, chocolates, tobacco, fashion accessories, electronics, handbags, etc. from some leading international brands at good bargains at the airport. You can actually save up to 150% by shopping from Bangalore’s duty-free shops. You can find duty-free express stores also for express payments and to save on some time. After all, irrespective you have time or you are short of it, travel is incomplete without shopping. There are several famous book shop chains where you can get the latest edition books that can keep you hooked until its time for your next flight.

5. Day Hotel –

You do not have to be sleep deprived between your flights any more. There is a day hotel situated right inside the airport, you can get a power nap, a shower or just relax like that if you have a long time between your flights. It is located in the domestic terminal. If you want some private space with a “Do not disturb” status, do opt in for this hotel. It has 20 rooms beautifully designed equipped with Wi-Fi, work desk, TV and other amenities. You can have in room massages, food beverage services inside your room. The tariff for these hotels are kept at reasonable and affordable limits.

6. Luxury living –

If you have a few extra hours to move out from the airport and you are looking for an experience of sophisticated luxury, then you must check out some properties situated a few minutes away from the international airport. You can dine in at the property’s finest restaurants, spend a few hours, take a stroll inside the hotel and hop on to the next flight. There are options for dining in the vicinity are north Indian restaurants, several bars, sushi corners, and many more cuisines to choose from. The gastronomy delights will treat you well while giving you an outstanding deluxe experience.

7. The Lounge Access –

If you want to sit down peacefully and enjoy a nice meal served on your table, then you should certainly head towards the lounge. You can explore the lounges at Bangalore airport – stylish, super comfortable and classy.

  1. VIP Lounge –

    Located at level 1 of the international airport terminal, comfortable seating, enabled high-speed internet, flight information display system are few of the privileges which this lounge would offer.

  2. Plaza Premium Lounge –

    Located at both domestic and international airport, it offers food with the most delectable cuisines bringing comfort, luxury and convenience for the guests. The lounge has beautiful well-designed interiors designed by a famous Australian architect.

  3. Above the Ground Level –

    Located at both domestic and international terminals of the airport, this lounge caters to all the travellers. The access of this lounge is provided as an additional feature in the subscription of credit card – master card, diners club card, priority pass card holders. It is also available to walk-in customers. All meals, including breakfast, lunch and dinner, are served in the lounge with options of varied cuisines such as continental, Asian and Indian. It has a bar as well for the chilling liquor experience along with other beverage options for teetotalers. Time would fly and you wouldn’t even realize once you choose to sit inside this lounge. It has reading options, TV broadcasting all channels, your personal stations for your laptops, I pads, etc. So, you can work, read, watch TV or simply relax while sipping on to a nice drink/coffee and savoring your favorite meal. It will be a rejoicing experience.

8. Other Services

  1. ATMs : There are several ATMs available in the airport which come in handy especially for international travellers.
  2. Baby Care : There are specific baby care stations situated throughout the airport for the benefit of mothers with infants.
  3. Business Centers : There is a business center in the domestic terminal above the ground lounge for your business calls, meetings and so on.
  4. Currency Exchange Services : There is a currency exchange facility in the departures area, arrivals area of both international and domestic terminals.

Spending layover time at the airport can be a combination of fun, experience and relaxation. You just need to be aware of all the places which you can explore and make your trajectory hour by hour of places which you would explore. Making a to-do and a to-buy list and knowing what is located where, is very important otherwise walking in search of places will tire you very soon.

Also, please don’t engross so much in this exploration that you lose sight of your next flight. Wishing you a pleasant journey!