South Goa at a Glance: 9 Breathtakingly Beautiful Beaches in South Goa

Goa attracts a huge number of tourists every year with its exquisite beauty and rich culture right from the blissful serenity of nature and startling beaches to the music festivals. While North Goa is more about partying and nightlife, South Goa is known for a comparatively more peaceful and serene setting. As compared to beaches in North Goa, the beaches in South Goa are cleaner and fresher. Here, we will talk about some of the best beaches lined up in South Goa. But before that, here is some information on how to reach Goa, where to stay and more.

The best time to visit Goa is between November and March as the climate of Goa at this time is calm and cool as compared to summer months. Reaching Goa is easy as it is accessible by all means of transportation i.e. road, air, and train. The nearest airport is Dabolim International Airport. Various airline carriers have regular flights from Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, Lucknow, Kolkata, Indore, Chennai, and Pune among others. Those driving to Goa from Bangalore and Mumbai can take NH 4 route while those coming from Mangalore can take the NH 17 route.

If you are reaching Goa by train, then there are two main railway stations serving the state, namely Vasco da Gama and Madgaon. They are well-linked to other parts of the country via an extensive train network.

No trip is complete without savouring the famous delicacies of that place. If you are planning a trip to South Goa, you should try the cafes there. Some of the best cafes in South Goa you must try are Mandala Café, Coffee Shop, Café Inn, Little World, etc. In order to make your stay in South Goa comfortable, make sure to book hotel with good reviews and reliable prices.

The budget hotels in Goa will make you feel at home with their hospitality. Some of the best budget hotels in South Goa are Star Beach Resort, Baywatch Beach Resort, Nanutel Margao Hotel, Hotel La Paz Gardens and others. However, there are several five star, luxurious hotels too that you can opt for an extravagant stay. Before planning the trip it is recommended to look for hotels in Goa with tariff so that you can compare and choose one that matches your budget. Furthermore, Goa is an ideal place to go on a shopping spree. Some of the best shopping places in South Goa are Palolem Beach Market, Colva Beach Market, Gandhi Market, Covered Margao Market, Margao Municipal Market, Golden Heart Emporium and others.

If you are an ardent fan of the beach and adventurous activities, South Goa is the ideal place to visit. You can enjoy your time leisurely while witnessing the breathtaking sunsets and exquisitely beautiful landscapes. They are also famous for providing one with serenity and peace. The beaches of South Goa are the ideal spots to spend time with your loved ones away from the crowds of North Goa. To make your trip to Goa wonderful and memorable, here is a list of the best beaches in South Goa that you must visit.

1. Agonda Beach

Agonda Beach is the ideal place for tourists seeking peace and solitude. It is less crowded and one of the most chilled out beach spots of South Goa. This beach sets the mood for one to be creative and jot down feelings in form of mellifluous lyrics and poetry. You can enjoy the sun-kissed sands and get involved in activities like swimming, paragliding, windsurfing etc. Agonda Beach is only a 90-minute drive from Dabolim airport. In addition, there are myriads of food stalls from where you can savour your taste for Goan food.

2. Colva Beach

Colva beach is located 6 kilometres to the west of Margao and is one the oldest beaches of South Goa. This beach is a gem in Goa tourism and has something to offer for each and every visitor. It is a perfect romantic spot for all the romantics. You may surprise your beloved by planning a surprise candle light dinner accompanied by the playing of violin in the background on this beach. This beach provides the perfect ambience for lovers, family and friends. In the morning, you can spend your day sunbathing on the sands of the beach. You can also get involved in adventure sports, such as skiing, paragliding, and parasailing.

3. Palolem Beach

Palolem Beach is located in Canacona and is one of the most picturesque beaches in South Goa. It welcomes visitors with its natural beauty and rocky outposts. The beach is crescent shaped and is perfect for an evening walk along the shores. A part of the beach is nicknamed as the Green Island because of its rocky outfit covered by trees at one end. The beach will make you feel warm and comfortable. The beach is inhabited by local fishermen and tourists who live in the shacks. The beach also offers a wild and happening nightlife. It is famous for the Silent Noise Party at ‘On the Rocks’. One can also set out on Dolphin spotting trips and get involved in water sports like scuba diving. Towards the evening, you can witness the beautiful and photogenic sunsets.

4. Benaulim Beach

Benaulim Beach offers an aesthetic view with the amalgamation of greenery and the Arabian Sea at bay. It is situated at a distance of forty-one kilometres from Panaji and is rated among the cleanest and freshest beaches in South Goa. According to myths, Lord Vishnu’s arrow landed here and thus came the name Banavali, which was later renamed to Benaulim during the Portuguese rule. The beach is an ideal spot for sun lovers and is famous for its scenic beauty. One can get involved in adventure sports like parasailing, jet skiing and windsurfing.

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5. Bogmalo Beach

Bogmalo is a curvy stretch of secluded sandy beach and also has a small fishing village nearby. It is located near Dabolim airport and is the perfect getaway for tourists seeking solitude and tranquility. It is one of the best beaches in Goa due to its attractive surroundings and rustic atmosphere. The beach is surrounded by coconut groves and has accommodation facilities for all budgets. The beach is most frequently visited because of the diving school present here. The school gives diving lessons to both amateurs and experts. You can also explore the gorgeous seabed of the beach by indulging yourself in scuba diving. The beach is an ideal place for dolphin sighting, windsurfing, and experiencing authentic Goan cuisine available at local eateries.

6. Majorda Beach

The Majorda Beach in South Goa is famous for its toddy tapping business and the delicious restaurants and bakeries that are all lined along the beach. It is one of the most popular beaches in the South. The beauty of palm groves amidst the white sand will leave you in awe. According to the myths, Lord Rama was kept as a captive in this beach. The beach is a perfect spot for beach bums to grab a chilled beer or cocktail and relax on the warm sands. One can experience jet skiing and taste the delicious seafood served by the beachside stalls.

7. Betul Beach

The Betul Beach of South Goa also serves as a fishing port. The beach is an ideal place to enjoy the beauty of nature. The beach offers accommodation for visitors at reasonable prices. The beach also has a few resorts and some brilliant seafood serving restaurants. You can easily experience a boat ride here, as fishing is the main occupation of the villagers on the beach. Transport can be a problem for some visitors, but if you have your own ride, then it must be on your list of places to visit in South Goa. The river Sal flows close by and the blue lagoon is a treat to the eyes. The beach is a perfect place to mix with the locals and experience the customs and traditions of that place. The beach is famous for the lighthouse. If you are in Betul Beach, make sure to try out the authentic seafood at the “The Blue Whale” restaurant.

8. Betalbatim Beach

It is one of the least crowded beaches in South Goa. The beach is famous for the St. Thomas Church and is nicknamed as the Sunset beach because of the breathtakingly beautiful views of the sunset. You can chill out with your loved one or family and also witness the amazing sunset.

9. Cola Beach

The Cola Beach of South Goa is famous for its lagoons. The beach is located away from the hustle and bustle of city life and is the ideal place to enjoy some quiet time. The beach is not easy to visit as it is located 15 km away from the Palolem beach and there is no provision of transport by bus. On foot, you’ll have to walk past the hills to arrive at the beach. You can also reach the bridge by renting a car or scooter. The beach is also known as the hidden beach of South Goa due to its location and scarce transport facilities.

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These are some of the best beaches of South Goa that offer ultimate serenity and solitude. Visit some of them to see how serene and beautiful sand and sunset can be.