Some Prudent Tips on How to Book Low-Cost Flights

Air travel has increased a lot these days. People prefer flights to save time and also because they can get good deals due to huge competition. When it comes to booking a flight for any destination, there are many air tickets booking portals promising cheap tickets making it difficult to select one amongst them. Also, since the prices of flight tickets keep fluctuating continuously, one should stay alert and keep checking travel sites. Mentioned below are a few tips that will help you save money, time and frustration while booking a flight.

  • Make sure you browse and search in incognito or private mode: Depending on the cookies that you have in your browser, the prices of flight tickets tend to increase when you keep searching for a particular route over and over again. Therefore, when you want to search for the lowest prices of the flights, make sure you delete cookies and use the private mode. For steps, you may check Google.
  • Look for the cheapest day to fly: Mostly, it is cheaper if you fly on a weekday, but this may not be true for all routes. The best strategy is to observe the price calendar of your flight route for the entire month to get an idea about the days when flight tickets are the cheapest.
  • Check out budget airlines deals: Compared to their full-service counterparts, budget airlines offer cheaper tickets for your travel. Of course, with a budget airline, you will need to compromise a bit on legroom, and no complimentary food or drinks will be available on board.
  • Be alert & lookout for air ticket sales: From time to time, various airlines come up with attractive air ticket sales and festival discounts. However, you need to be cautious as all emails related to such offers are not genuine. However, stay alert and keep checking reliable travel sites to ensure that you don’t miss any exciting offer.
  • Sign-up for fare alerts: Many travel sites offer the Fare Alert feature. For example, if you are looking for cheap Mumbai to Goa flights, you can sign-up for lowest price alerts on Cleartrip, and you will be notified via SMS/Email whenever there is a good deal. This way you won’t miss out on any latest offers.
  • Don”t keep waiting for any surprise air ticket sale: If you need to travel on a specific date, do your research for a few days, and book the best price ticket as much in advance as you can. Don”t keep delaying booking in the hope that price will come down. This usually never happens, especially close to the date of travel. In the hope of getting a good price, you might end up paying much more. Look for tickets on budget airlines. Follow the rule of saving on air tickets by booking in advance.
  • Compare the prices using different search engines: Finding the cheapest flight needs a lot of research on travel search engines and websites. You can search through them, compare airfares by various airlines and decide suitably.
  • Search for local airlines: At times, the flights by the local airlines of the destination come cheap. However, they are not advertised on travel sites often. You need to look for them yourself for cheaper and affordable tickets.
  • Follow various airlines on social media platforms: If you follow the airlines on their social networking sites, you are likely to receive various offers and discounts that they announce. The airlines aim at rewarding their regular customers and want them to continue flying with them. Thus, they offer them discount coupons and many more exciting deals. Follow various airline pages so that you have a higher chance of getting exciting deals.
  • Book multiple airlines for your travel: Booking flight tickets with a single airline is comparatively more expensive than booking a connecting flight. This may help you save some money, which in turn is definitely going to be worth the extra time and the hassle of a connecting flight. Of course, it may involve some extra research and time, but it is well worth the money saved.
  • Do not forget to look for student discounts: There are many travel sites available that provide a student concession. So, if you are a student, don’t forget to avail this offer. Stay updated with these special discounts that are made available to you as a student, and take advantage of them when travelling.
  • Enjoy cash back and reward points: When you need to book air tickets, make sure you book through a site that provides cash back on air ticket booking. Also, if you pay through credit card, you will get credit card points along with airline miles. This is an additional benefit. You can also go to a site that offers cashback; from there you can click on the link of online travel agency or airline for booking.
  • See if booking two one-way tickets come cheaper: Sometimes when you book a round trip ticket, it comes out to be more expensive than two one-way air tickets. Also, with one-way tickets, you are free to change your plan at any point. Also, booking individual tickets is surprisingly cheaper than booking return tickets. However, this may not be the case at all times. Check and decide!

Perks of online flight bookings:

  • This is the wise way to do flight bookings in this fast-paced lifestyle. You save a lot of time by using online flight booking sites and platforms for flight bookings.
  • Moreover, it is a simple, easy and very convenient way of doing anytime, anywhere booking.
  • You don’t need to approach a travel agent to do your flight bookings.
  • Also, you need not stand in long queues at airlines offices.
  • The bottleneck of the phone booking systems is also removed.

Are cheap flights available for my travel route?

You need to search for flights for your travel route on various search engines and travel sites. Let’s assume you are planning to travel from Mumbai to Goa. You can easily find cheap flights for this route by searching for Mumbai to Goa flights online. During your search, you will come across the flight schedule, various carriers and time of flights along with the price. Make sure you follow the tips given above in this article during your search. Accordingly, you can book a suitable flight.

Daily more than 20 flights take off from Mumbai to Goa, and the flight duration is 1 hour and 15 minutes. Goa has many beautiful beaches, temples, churches and lots more to offer. To have the best Goa experience, book your flight tickets, hotel and other Goa experiences in advance.