Secure a 90-day visit visa with this perfect guide!

Dubai is a city that is brimming with business opportunities and has an overwhelming population of 42,000 millionaires. Equipped with high-end infrastructure, active transportation, dextrous workforce and magnanimous urban amenities, Dubai outscores cities like New York, London, Bangkok and Paris in the Consumer Confidence Index. Also, Dubai has a tax-free business environment. Owing to all the above reasons, a lot of business population flock to the UAE for making it big on their side and for such visits 30 days are not enough. For the 90 days visit to UAE, there is a 90-day visit visa for UAE. This includes the Indian travellers who do not have a valid US visa or a green card.

The 3 Months Visa:

Airlines issued Tourist Visas:

While the terms and conditions of each airline for issuing tourist visas are subjective, there is however one constant term of flying with them.

Agencies and Hotels issued Tourist Visas:

Only the licensed hotels and agencies can help you fetch your tourist permit, provided you purchase a ticket through them and also entertain the hotel reservation according to their preferences. And if you are in talks with a travel agent from your home country in collaboration with the UAE local tour operator, you would need to conduct a thorough research about the authenticity of the travel agents and only provide your official documents once you are 100% sure about their integrity. The UAE embassy in your country could also help you in the verification process of your travel agents.

While the GCC nations like Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait and Oman are qualified to enter Dubai visa-free, the same cannot be said for other countries. Countries like Australia, Austria, Belgium, France, France, Germany, Iceland, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, Malaysia, Portugal, the UK and the USA enjoy a visa-on-arrival status in Dubai. But if you do not belong to any of the above nations, you may apply for the visa online (or a relative/friend who stays in UAE can also apply for the permit on your behalf).

For applying it online, you can:

Phase I: Download the visa application form online
Phase II: Fill in the details and upload all the pre-requisite documents.
Phase III: Make the payment for the processing and service fees.

At this point, you may easily opt for PayPal, bank transfers online and upon the successful completion of the process, it takes around 3-4 working days to achieve your valid tourist visa for your travel.

Documents Required:

Traveller”s Documents:

  • Your Passport size Photograph
  • Scanned copies of your passport – front page and last page
  • Passport page with exit stamp, if you have travelled to Dubai before
  • Confirmed return air tickets

Please note that for every step, your passport should have the minimum validity of 6 months and should not be in handwritten format. Also, make sure that the documents for submission should not be blurred or weary.

Guarantor”s Documents:

  • Documents for visitors with Guarantor in UAE.
  • The Passport and Visa page copy of the Guarantor (both valid for a period of minimum three months).
  • A security cheque drawn for each visa will be required if the visitor is having any standing legal issues.
  • Last month Bank statement supporting statement in the cheque processed from the same bank account with a good deal of transactions in it.

Visitors with NO Guarantor in UAE:

  • Family tourists may not need to put any deposit if they make the Hotel/Airline/Tour Booking with licensed agencies at best-guaranteed prices to avoid any extra payment.
  • Individual visitors are also required to pay a specific amount towards the Security Deposit. Although this amount is fully refundable once you provide the scanned copy of your passport page with the UAE Exit stamp to the agency/hotel/airline you are booking. This step is crucial for assuring the government against any overstaying in UAE.

90 day visit visa for UAE