Reasons Why You Should Visit Vivanta By Taj

If you want to have an outstanding experience, then it is recommended to visit Panaji when on a trip to Goa. Panaji also known as Panjim is the headquarters of North Goa district which is also known as the party spot. This place is loaded with many beaches; and when it is about the party night, you will be amazed what beaches in North Goa have to offer. These beaches house some popular pubs and restaurants for people who want to experience the nightlife of Goa. And when it comes to 5-star hotels in Panaji, you will come across many options and Vivanta by Taj is one of them.

It is the example of luxury at its epitome! With great location and amazing friendly people to help every time, this hotel is a must-stay for all. Vivanta by Taj is a chain hotel located in different parts of the world like Kerala, Bangalore, Maldives and more. It has one of its hotels in Panaji, which is a popular choice of elite tourists, especially foreigners. With great seafood specialties and amazingly comfortable suites, you won’t need to look for another hotel for a luxurious stay at all!

Retreat options for you:

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After a long day at Goa beaches, you might want to have a retreat. A good sleep is rather important to reenergize your body and mind and that calls for a comfortable stay. Hotel Vivanta By Taj is here to make your stay amazing with its world-class services. At the hotel, you have the opportunity to choose from suites and villas. They are:

  • Deluxe Delight
  • Superior Charm
  • Premium Indulgence
  • Deluxe Allure suite
  • Presidential Nirvana Suite
  • Premium Temptation Suite

Each type of accommodation in Taj Vivanta, Goa will have its own set of amenities, covering all your basic needs. Moreover, depending on the suite you have chosen, the prices are subject to change. There are special honeymoon suites available and some special rooms for accommodating large groups. You can go through all the available options before choosing the one of your choice.

Perfect for meetings and conferences:

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Vivanta By Taj is not just for your luxurious stay, but it is perfect for hosting conferences and meetings. So, it is also a good option for business travellers. Hosting meetings at Vivanta is fun. If you are planning to visit Goa to host a business meeting, this hotel is the best option for you. Here:

  • The rooms are well-equipped with all the amenities, making it a perfect place for hosting business meeting.
  • You can always browse through locations to find the one that matches your needs.
  • From the tables and chairs to proper visual audio aids, projector to AC interiors, everything is made perfect for your official meeting at Vivanta By Taj.

Premium dining option:

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Whether you are on a vacation or you are in Goa for business purpose, food always plays a pivotal role. If you cannot have the best seafood in Goa, your entire trip is a waste of time and money! But, you need not have to worry about food when you are staying at Vivanta By Taj during your trip.

  • This place is known to offer provincial cuisine. They have marked their territory of culinary cognoscenti with multiple cuisines from around the globe. It is not just about seafood, but continental cuisines as well. The Master Chef Ananda will be the one to introduce diners to coastal cuisine, right from Kerala to Mangalore.
  • You can enjoy your time with family or friends in the Alternate Dining room. To amuse people and this place’s ever questing bon vivant, there are some much awaited and unconventional dining experiences waiting for you. Some basic examples are coffee express, Yellow line, Theater kitchen, and the Violet line metro menus. If you are one of those “gastronauts”, your food journey definitely begins here.
  • You will also find bars within the hotel where you can enjoy the night life. These bar counters are for the alcoholic connoisseurs, for whom, alcohol needs to be perfect with the accurate high! The famous among the lot has to be the single malt whiskey, serviced in sync with a special ritual, leaving guests enthralled and asking for more!

Serving you all day long!

The best thing about this hotel is its 24 x 7 dining service. Whether you are hungry early in the morning or want to munch on something in the middle of the night, this place has it all. So, staying hungry for long is not an option around here!

These points are enough to prove the importance of Vivanta by Taj, and why you should stay here while visiting Panaji. So, what are you waiting for? Hurry up and book your stay right now before it’s too late!