10 Rare and Exotic Wildlife Species Found In India

From golden sand beaches to a salt desert, and snow-capped mountains and dense rainforests, India is known for its geographical diversity. And, this has blessed the land with exotic wildlife species; making it a paradise for nature enthusiasts. Notably, India maintains several wildlife sanctuaries and national parks that allow travellers to witness the most diverse mix of flora and fauna in the world. If you want to make most of this opportunity, go through the below-listed 10 rare and exotic wildlife species found in India.

1. Nilgiri Tahr

Having curved horns, a gluey coat and coarse fur, Nilgiri Tahr is an interesting animal found in the western parts of India. Tropical rainforest regions, like Annamalai Hills, Palani Hills and Nilgiri Hills, are the home to this exotic species. Notably, Nilgiri Tahr enjoys the status of state animal in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu.

2. Greater One-horned Rhinoceros

Greater One-horned Rhinoceros is a large animal that can be found particularly in Kaziranga National Park (Assam), Dudhwa Tiger Reserve (Uttar Pradesh) and Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary (Assam). Usually clinging on to the Himalayan foothills, it is one such animal that every wildlife enthusiast would love to watch.

3. Asiatic Lion

Asiatic Lion can be easily spotted in Gir sanctuary in the Indian state of Gujarat. Notably, it is the second largest cat species in the world that can only be seen in India. Many go for a jungle safari in this national park just to have a glimpse of this royal animal.

4. Snow Leopard

With long and thick fur, and brown yellowish to smoky grey skin, Snow Leopard is one of the most exotic species found in Himalayan regions of India. One can easily recognize the animal by its attractive long tail. These can be easily spotted at Dibang Wildlife Sanctuary (Arunachal Pradesh), Himalayan National Park (Himachal Pradesh), and Nanda Devi National Park (Uttarakhand).

5. Black Buck

Also known as Indian antelope, Black Buck enjoys the status of state animal of Indian states of Punjab, Haryana and Andhra Pradesh. With spiral horns and charming colour, this animal is considered as an innocent and gullible species. To spot these, you can visit Corbett National Park (Uttarakhand), Velavadar Blackbuck National Park (Gujarat) and Kanha National Park (Madhya Pradesh).

6. Lion-tailed Macaque

Found in the Western Ghats of South India, the Lion-tailed Macaque attracts people with its incomparable appearance and habits. It has got its name from the charming tail that gives it the looks of a lion. Silent Valley National Park in Kerala, Sirsi-Honnavara rainforests in Karnataka and Kalakkad Mundanthurai Tiger Reserve in Tamil Nadu act as the home to this animal.

7. Red Panda

Red Panda is a small mammal usually found on the bamboo trees sleeping and playing. Also known as red-cat bear, this animal can be seen in the forests of Arunachal Pradesh and Sikkim. Moreover, Khangchendzonga and Namdapha National Park of West Bengal can be visited to watch its playful behaviour.

8. Kashmir Red Stag (Hangul)

With a light rump patch and brown coat colour, this species of deer can be seen in the state of Jammu and Kashmir particularly in the areas of Overa-Aru, Sind Valley and the forests of Bhaderwah and Kishtwar. Rajparian Wildlife Sanctuary or Dachigam National Park in Anantnag district of Kashmir is also a habitat to Kashmir Red Stag.

9. Indian Bison (Gaur)

If you want a glimpse of rare Indian Bison, Kerala’s Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary and Chennai’s Arignar Anna Zoological Park are just the right places to visit. Having a giant head and a huge deep body, this big animal showcases strength and energy.

10. Asian Elephant

Considered amongst the biggest land animals in the world, Asian Elephants can be easily seen on jungle roads in South India. If you want to observe the herds of Asian Elephants, visit Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary in Kerala, Kabiri Forest in Mysore and Chandaka Elephant Sanctuary in Orissa. Notably, India is home to more than 50 percent of Asian Elephants.

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So, plan your trip and make advance bookings to witness some of these rare Indian wildlife species.

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