Rann Utsav: A Cultural Fiesta You Shouldn’t Miss!

Do deserts fascinate you? Do you want to experience the vibrant life they nurture? If yes, then you must ensure your presence in Rann Utsav. The desert festival is organized 85 km from Bhuj near Dhordo village of Rann of Kutch by Gujarat Tourism. A delightful rendezvous with rich Gujarati culture and traditions, it hosts a variety of talent shows and fun-filled activities. Considering the enthusiasm of people especially foreigners, the latest edition of the event is all set to offer a 4-month-long treat from Nov. 1 to Feb. 20.

Stay in a tent:

Popular as Tent City, Rann Utsav hosts over 2 lakh visitors from different parts of the world in 400 tents that are arranged in C-shaped clusters over an area of 5,00,000 sqm. Also, each of these clusters features a reception area and separate dining halls. Further, meditation/conference halls are maintained to host large gatherings. Not just this, every cluster maintains a café and rejuvenation centre for recreation purposes. For sports enthusiasts, a club house is available to enjoy indoor games. Moreover, if you want to experience luxury amidst barren desert, you must book The Rajwadi Suite for a majestic stay.

Cultural potpourri:

Enjoy the soulful performances by local artists from all across Gujarat. Also, dance and music performances with bonfire amidst the desert lend a memorable experience to its visitors. Also, a number of skilled artisans from nearby villages like Bhirandiyra, Khavda and Gandghi-Nugam conduct workshops on preparing local handicraft items.

Food tasting:

For food lovers, the festival serves a diverse range of local dishes that offers one of its kind culinary experience. You can try dabeli, dal bhat, kadhi, khaja and khichdi. Also, mouth-watering sweets, including khavda mesuk, ghulab paak, Kutchi penda, adadiya, khajur paak, gundar paak and saalam paak, are a must-try at the festival.

Paradise for shopaholics:

A wide range of exotic Gujarati handicrafts, leather products, splendid silverware, intricately embroidered articles, beautifully-crafted ornaments and even little seashell toys are on sale during the festival. You can also buy souvenirs for your family members and friends.

Explore your adventurous side:

Many people attend Rann Utsav in the white desert to satiate their hunger for adventure. From an exhilarating desert safari to a solo ride on an all-terrain vehicle (ATV), the festival has a lot to keep you entertained. Besides, it offers opportunities to indulge in paramotoring, rapelling and rock climbing. For heart-pumping aerial sports at Rann Utsav, you must visit Skyzilla, which offers opportunities to indulge in thrilling activities, such as ziplining, sky fall and pendulum swing. Also, the must-do list should feature trikke ride, which is a three-wheeled scooter-like street machine that combines fitness with an enjoyable ride. Not just this, you can also take a ride on a hot air balloon for a spectacular aerial view of the region.

Other interesting activities:

Families can enjoy a game of pool, chess, table tennis or carrom at Rann Utsav. Also, kids can enjoy free-style bounce with trampoline. Star gazing is something not just kids alone but adults also enjoy. Further, friends can head for c battle during a paintball game. Not just this, you must go for a camel cart or camel ride when in a desert. Moreover, you can explore the Tent City on a golf cart. Besides, art lovers can explore the art gallery set up at the Rann Utsav site.

Special events:

The latest edition of Rann Utsav plans to organize a kite flying event and celebrate Valentine’s Day in a special way.

Easily accessible:

Bhuj houses the nearest airport to Dhordo village. While you can take a flight to Bhuj, travelling by train is also a good option. One can take trains from Ahmedabad to Bhuj. Frequent buses also ply from Ahmedabad and Bhuj that will directly take you to the Rann of Kutch.

Places to Explore in Rann of Kutch

While visiting Rann Utsav, you cannot miss capturing the beauty of the white desert, Rann of Kutch. Do explore the following places:

  • Kalo Dungar (the highest point of Kutch)
  • Topansar Lake (spot migratory birds here)
  • Aina Mahal (witness the stunning mirror work)
  • Mandvi Beach (witness sunset from here)
  • Dholavira (a historical excavation site)
  • Indian Wild Ass Sanctuary (houses Indian ass, chinkara, hedgehog, fox, desert cats, jackal, jungle cats, wolf, and blue bulls, as well as Bustard and falcons)
  • Siyot Caves
  • Kutch Museum
  • Kera Shiv Temple
  • Sun Temple of Modhera
  • Sri Swaminarayan Temple
  • Bhadreshwar Jain Temple
  • Kandla Port

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