Planning to visit Kuwait? Here’s all you need to know about this elegant country.

Kuwait is a small Gulf country that is located above the Persian Gulf and houses some great places to visit. People can bear witness to the country’s culture and history by visiting its number of mosques, museums, and other historic sites. Kuwait is an ideal destination if you need a short break in a quiet place.

Here is all the information one needs to know about the tourist destinations in Kuwait.

How to reach:

Budget as well as luxury airlines operate flight from the airports of New Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kochi, and Hyderabad to Kuwait International Airport. For further ease, people can also find the facility of non-stop flights. Kuwait International Airport is located approximately 20 kilometres south of Kuwait City.

Best time to visit:

Kuwait experiences extreme hot and humid summers during the April to September. Although most holiday destinations in Kuwait are air-conditioned, engaging in outdoor activities will be troublesome. To avoid the scorching heat, one should plan their vacation from November to March when day temperatures drop to 18 degrees and nights are even colder.

Famous tourist places:

One can explore the authentic beauty of this beautiful country by visiting the destinations listed below:

Kuwait Towers:

This renowned monument is one of the tallest towers in the world. It stands at an imposing height of 614 feet and was recently renovated. The main tower features a 360-degree viewing platform from where tourists can behold breathtaking views of the city. For a more luxurious experience, the monument maintains a gift shop and an international buffet restaurant.

The Grand Mosque:

Known as the Al-Masjid Al-Kabir by the locals, The Grand Mosque is not only the largest but also the official mosque of Kuwait. One should visit this treasured mosque to appreciate the beauty of its Islamic architecture. Moreover, the mosque’s charm is enhanced by its Andulasian style patterned tiles and ornamental calligraphy.

Kubbar Island:

If one is looking for a serene getaway, Kubbar Island is a perfect oasis destination to visit. Kubbar Island enjoys a picturesque location and maintains relaxing terraces as well as spectacular beaches. For a recreational experience, people can engage in boating, swimming and water sports at Kubbar Island.

Sadu House:

Exuding a blend between the religious and multi-ethnic history of Kuwait, Sadu House is a unique museum that showcases Bedouin style of weaving namely Sadu weaving. Tourists can visit the rooms of the museum to discover the weaving’s technique and history, as well as traditional looms and embroidery. The museum also maintains a gift store that sells wall hangings, bags, rugs, home decor items etc.

Famous hotels in Kuwait:

To indulge in a luxurious experience, tourists can book their stay at the following 5-star hotels:

Kuwait also maintains various budget hotels, including:


  • 1. Does any online cab service work in Kuwait?
  • As Uber doesn’t work in Kuwait, tourists should download the local taxi apps such as Q8 Grand Limo, Careem and Q8 Taxi.

  • 2. Is consumption of alcohol legal in Kuwait?
  • Tourists may know that drinking alcohol is not allowed in Kuwait. One cannot find alcohol in even hotels and restaurants.

  • 3. What are the famous shopping destinations in Kuwait?
  • Moubarakiyya or the traditional souq in Kuwait offers a traditional shopping experience. Instead of fridge magnets and coasters, tourists can buy local spices and cookies for souvenirs. You can go to famous Avenues Mall which has a shop for every budget.

  • 4. Which are the famous restaurants to visit in Kuwait?
  • Salt Restaurant, Pepper- Steak House and the Meat Co are the ideal options to have a fine dining experience in Kuwait.

  • 5. Do women tourists have to cover their hair in Kuwait?
  • As Kuwait is more relaxed than Saudi Arabia in terms of women clothing, women don’t have to cover their hair.