Places to Visit In North Goa: 5 Exotic Goa Beaches

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Goa is not just a place but an emotion, which thrills, excites and makes one smile. The sandy beaches, crystal-clear waters, a wealth of adventure sports, and dancing palm trees- the state has a unique aura, which makes it one of the most popular tourist places. If you wish to make your holiday both relaxing and fun, North Goa must be your pick. With umpteen beaches and night party spots, the place has something for everyone. So, let us explore this enchanting land of beaches to help you add a lot more fun to your trip. Here is a detailed list of the key places to visit in North Goa.

miramar beach

1. Miramar Beach

Situated at the distance of 3 Km from the capital city, Miramar Beach is a frequent holiday spot for couples and adventure enthusiasts. Also called as Gasper Dias Beach, Miramar forms the confluence point of Arabian Sea and Mandovi River. During the night hours, one can enjoy the special view of Aguada Fort from the beach. Due to its scenic beauty & mesmerizing backdrops, it is one of the popular tourist places in North Goa.

Best Time To Visit:
Visit the beach during the months of April and May, as the weather is relatively warm.

Things To Do

How To Reach:
One can reach the Miramar beach either by bus or by taxi. You can hire a sightseeing bus to avoid any hassle. The beach is just a 1-hour drive from the Goa airport. Railway station near this beach is Karmali Railway Station that is 12 km away.

Where to stay:
The beautiful locality of this place flaunts several luxurious hotels, which offer world-class facilities to their customers. Some of the popular accommodation options near Miramar beach include Fortune Miramar, Miramar Hotel, and Varanda do Mar. If you want to avoid any hassle during your visit, book hotels online beforehand and enjoy a peaceful stay at the spectacular beach location.

baga beach

2. Baga Beach

Another popular holiday destination in North Goa, Baga Beach is perched at the distance of 30 km from the city of Panaji. The beach is known for its splendid sunrise and sunset views & a flock of travelers visit here to relish those beautiful moments. Other popular attractions of the beach cover some famous clubs such as Brittos and Titos. To quench the thirst for adventure, one can try out the activities such as parasailing and banana rides. With so much to offer, Baga beach is one of the top places to visit in North Goa.

Best Time To Visit:
The months between November to February remains the best time of the year to visit the Baga beach.

Things To Do:

  • Delve into the lovely beach and spend an eventful time exploring the rich marine life.
  • Spend some peaceful time at the Ayurvedic spa centre, where the therapists give you several kinds of relaxation massages.
  • Visit the Monsoon Fun Park, which remains crowded with the kids throughout the year.

How To Reach:
Reaching this beach is not an uphill task. There are several buses and taxis, which run from Mapusa and Panaji. If you wish, you might also take a taxi from the airport.

Where to stay:
From cheap hotels to luxurious ones, Baga beach area has a variety of accommodation. If you want to keep your stay well within the budget, choose the Goa hotels such as Aromiaa Villas or Nazri Resort. However, for a luxurious stay, you can book a stay at Colonia Santa Maria or Resort Rio.

vagator beach

3. Vagator beach

One of the best beach for photography, Vagator is a beautiful sand arc nestled at a distance of 22 km from Panaji. Vagator is the perfect destination for the people who are seeking peace and personal time. Due to its calm atmosphere, it has become a popular tourist place to visit in Goa. With its open-air clubs and trance parties, it has captivated the hearts of youngsters, as well.

Best Time To Visit:
November to February is perfect time to visit this beach. However, if you are fond of the rainy season, you have all the good reasons to visit here during the monsoon.

Things To Do:

  • Enjoy the scenic view of plentiful palm trees and olive turtles at Aravem Beach
  • Explore the small hamlet of Parra known for its evergreen chilies, watermelons, and cashew plantation.

How To Reach:

Goa International Airport is situated at the distance of just 42 km from the Vagator beach and Tivim is the nearest station. You might use taxis for the intra-city tour.

Where to stay:
If you have plan to book a long stay at the beach, choose service apartments over hotel accommodation. However, for shorter visits, Bethanny Inn, Ozran Heights Resort, and Orritel Square are perfect options. The beach also comprises several cheap and budget-friendly stays.

anjuna beach

4. Anjuna Beach

Have you ever spent a Christmas Eve enjoying the spectacular moon at the beachside? If not, Anjuna Beach is your place to visit in North Goa. Situated at the distance of 18 km from the capital city, it embraces dancing palm trees and rock formations. Another tourist attraction in Anjuna Beach is its Flea market organized every Wednesday.

Best Time To Visit:
The duration from November to February is the perfect time to visit this beach. People should avoid visiting here during the monsoon season due to the heavy rainfall.

Things To Do:

  • +Enjoy the local cuisines at the popular restaurants such as Goa’s Ark, Martha’s Breakfast Home, and Burger Factory.
  • Visit its flea market running since 30 years. The market sells handmade jewellery, sculptures, as well as modern-style clothing.
  • Try some adventure sports and leisure activities such as bungee jumping and snorkelling.
  • Go for Flyboarding - 15mins

How To Reach:
Anjuna Beach does not have its own station. Margao is the nearest station at the distance of 42 Km from the beach. You might find regular buses running between Anjuna and Mapusa. The closest airport is Dabolin at the distance of 47 Km from this beach.

Where to stay:
The beach has budget hotel accommodation in the different price range. From heavily priced to low budget accommodations, you can find several online by searching hotels near me. Some of the popular ones situated near Anjuna Beach are Anjuna Beach Resort, The Tamarind Hotel, Laguna Anjuna, and Riviera Hermitage.

calangute beach

5. Calangute Beach

Being termed as the “Queen Of Beaches”, Calangute beach fascinates a large number of travellers with its roaring waves and picturesque landscapes. The beach also provides you with the best swimming experience. Hence, the locals, as well as the tourists flock here in the daytime to enjoy the cold water of the beach. One can find several stalls selling prawn pakoras, trinkets, and beer on the Calangute beach. It is truly one of the best places to visit in Goa before you die.

Best Time To Visit:
The beach welcomes the visitors throughout the year. However, the period from the month of November to February remains the best time to visit here.

Things To Do:

How To Reach:
The nearest station is Thivim, which is at a distance of 38 Km from the beach. The nearest airport is Dabolim, which is 38 km far. You might also reach the beach by Goa tourism bus.

here to stay:
Being a popular spot in Goa, Calangute beach houses a variety of hotels. Calangute Residency, Dreams Palm Beach Resort, and Jack Bagvilla Guest House are some good accommodation options near the beach.

Plan well to enjoy well!