7 Stunning Places to Visit in Dalhousie

Located in the Chambal district of Himachal Pradesh, Dalhousie is one of the most picturesque destinations for nature lovers who want to spend a rejuvenating vacation in the lap of nature. Glistening rivers, colonial architecture, sky-scraping mountains, and soothing breeze give this hill station an old-world charm. This beautiful place is worth explored for its marvellous locations surrounded by rejuvenating nature.

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Following are some spectacular places to visit in Dalhousie, which every traveller must explore when here.

1. Khajjiar

Depicting the stunning views of the snow-covered Himalayas, this beautiful place in Dalhousie is surrounded by pine and deodar trees. The famous Khajjiar Lake is a perfect family picnic spot with its natural beauty surrounding you. Trekking and horse riding are two fun activities, which you can enjoy here. This location offers a great venue for relaxation with its serene environment.

2. St. Francis Catholic Church

If you believe that Goa is the only place to explore marvellous churches, then you are Wrong! The St. Francis Catholic Church is a magnificent church built in 1894, influenced by European architecture. Not just a popular place of worship, this church is considered to be amongst the top tourist attractions in Dalhousie. If you are an art lover or have an interest in historical architecture, this church is a must-visit for you.

3. Satdhara Falls

Popularly known for its healing and medicinal properties, this waterfall lies on the way to Panchpula. These falls are a perfect example of nature’s artwork and give a breathtaking view to its visitors. The best spot to indulge in some rejuvenation and relaxation, it is a stunning blend of seven streams.

4. Dainkund Peak

Three rivers– Ravi, Beas and Chenab flow down through this spectacular location which is often referred to as the ‘Singing Hill’. The refreshing views of the green hills and the plains make Daikund Peak worth visiting. Perfect for trekking and picnics, this is one of the highly recommended places to visit for its unrivalled beauty.

5. Ganji Pahadi

Just a one hour walk away from Dalhousie, this beautiful hill provides a commendable trekking experience to adventure enthusiasts. Situated in the Bakrota Hills, it is named as ‘Ganji Pahadi’ as it has no trees or any other greenery. The soothing breeze caresses the trekkers and the awe-inspiring views will satisfy the soul.

6. Kalatop Wildlife Reserve

For all wildlife lovers, this interesting wildlife reserve is true bliss. Besides being home to several animals, the stunning river Ravi flows nearby providing abundant water supply to the oak trees, blue pine and deodar trees, which provide a dense cover to the Kalatop Hills. The view of the wild daisies is a mesmerising experience for anyone.

7. Panchpula

Panchpula is the samadhi of the great freedom fighter Sardar Ajit Singh. It has many stunning waterfalls and energetic streams, which are the main source of water supply to this town and the villages in the vicinity. A perfect trekking spot, this place is also counted among the best honeymoon destinations for its iconic views and stirring surroundings.

It is a must to explore at least some of these beautiful places to visit in Dalhousie, if not all when you are in this hill town. However, besides exploring nature’s best views, it is imperative to consider man-made facilities for travellers i.e. hotels to make your vacation a comfortable experience. Dalhousie being a popular hill station attracts thousands of visitors every year and accommodates them within its varied hotel options.

From a budget vacation to a luxurious one, Dalhousie offers all types of accommodation to suit varying needs, budget and preferences. 3-star hotels are the preferred accommodation for most travellers. Amenities like Wi-Fi, in-house restaurant, room service, etc. are offered by most of these hotels. Few hotels in Dalhousie also offer a gym, coffee shop and bar as additional features to make the stay of their guests enjoyable. Snow Valley Resort, JK Clark Exotica, Hotel Dalhousie Grand, Hotel Bombay Palace and Hotel Guncha Siddhartha are some popular 3-star accommodations in Dalhousie that offer astonishing views and comfortable accommodation.

Cleartrip.com is the best place to book your accommodation, and you can get several discounts and cash back offers. You can also check the various amenities offered by a particular hotel along with the pictures of its interior and exterior décor. Many travellers who visited these hotels have posted genuine reviews about their experiences to give you a clear idea of the type of experience you will get. The easy navigation panel allows you to sort the hotels according to your preference, location, amenities, and budget, etc. Nehru Gandhi Chowk, The Mall, GPO Square Khajjiar Road, Subhash Chowk, Panchpulla are some of the popular locations where you can find a number of hotels matching your preference. Dalhousie is calling out to you! Pack your bags and get ready for a wonderful vacation.