Mysterious Temples of India

India is a land of several gods and goddesses, and there are countless temples in each and every city of India. A visit to the temple is an essential part of an Indian’s life. People here are accustomed to visiting the temples to offer prayers and seek blessings.

It is no surprise to find a temple in almost every street of India. But some temples are shrouded in mystery that is beyond science and logic. Some of these temples are very old and date back to thousands of years, and are considered mysterious. It would be interesting to know the stories surrounding these temples.

Here is a list of some of the most mysterious temples of India.

Hasanamba Temple in Karnataka

It is indeed difficult to unravel the mystery of the Hassanamba temple in Karnataka. The temple is open for just one week in the whole year at the time of Deepavali to carry out puja. Once the puja and prayers are over, the temple is closed and opened only the next year. It is a mystery to see that the oil lamp that was lit the previous year is still burning when the doors of the temple are opened. Another mystery is that the flowers on the Goddess Hasanambe are still fresh. It is indeed a mysterious temple!

Mehendipur Balaji Temple in Rajasthan

Thousands of devotees visit the Mehendipur Balaji Temple for exorcizing any demons and getting rid of any evil spirits in their lives. Many devotees seek ways for offering penance in the temple. So, don’t be surprised to find people banging their heads against the walls or chaining themselves to walls or pouring boiling water on themselves. It is probably one of the very few temples in India where priests carry out exorcisms. Many people claim that they have got rid of demons in their life with the blessings of Mehendipur Balaji.

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Venkateswara Temple in Andhra Pradesh

Another enigmatic temple in India is the Venkateswara Temple that attracts thousands of tourists every year from near and far. It is also one of the wealthiest temples and is world-famous for its grandeur and natural beauty. The unique tradition of the devotees donating their hair in the temple makes the temple one of its kind. The black statue of Lord Krishna within the temple is believed to have manifested itself, and no one seems to have sculpted it. The hair attached to Lord Vankeshwar Swami is always soft and look real. When the Lord Tirupati Balaji is covered with Chandan every Thursday, the idol of Goddess Laxmi emerges within the idol and how this takes place is still a mystery. To enjoy such holiest place book hotels near Venkateswara Temple.

Devji Maharaj Mandir in Madhya Pradesh

Another temple that is famous for getting rid of ghosts and evil spirits is the Devji Maharaj Mandir in Malajpur, Madhya Pradesh. It is a common practice among the devotees to come here and light camphor on their bare palms to scare the evil spirits or demons inside their body. Some other ways used to scare the spirits away is getting beaten by a broom or running around. Another weird tradition of the place is the annual ghost fair or bhoot mela which is organised to drive away the evil spirits. People from different places come here on every full moon to “cure” themselves of the demons and evil spirits.

NidhiVan Temple in Vrindavan

Lord Krishna is worshipped in NidhiVan Temple that lies within the Nidhivan forests, Vrindavan. There are many mythological beliefs linked to the temple, which make it mysterious and enigmatic. It is interesting to note that while the barks of the Nidhivan trees are hollow and dry, the trees remain green the whole year round. People believe that these trees are gopis, and Lord Krishna visit here every night to perform Rasleela with them. After the evening prayers, the temple is closed and the priest keeps some clothes, foods, fruits and other things inside the temple. When they open the temple the next morning, the sweets are eaten, and the clothes are disturbed as if someone wore them. Devotees believe that Radha and Krishna spend the night in the temple for rest. Whoever has tried to stay in the temple during night lost his senses, became blind, or lost his life. For stay book a Hotel in Vrindavan, today!

Kodungallur Bhagavathy Temple in Kerala

Another weird temple of India is the Kodungallur Bhagavathy Temple where people abuse the goddess Bhadrakali during a festival. Goddess Bhadrakali is said to be a gentler reincarnation of Goddess Kali. The Bharani Festival is a seven-day festival, which is held every year. During the festival, men and women come out in red apparel and hold swords in their hands. They hit their heads with the sword and blood pours out. When they enter the temple, they hurl abuses and sing lewd songs about the Devi. After the festival, the temple is closed for several days for purification.

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Bullet Baba Temple in Rajasthan

There is a fascinating mystery behind the Bullet Baba Temple. Here you will find people worshipping a motorcycle in the temple. The story behind this tradition is related to a motorcycle accident at the site where the temple stands today. Just before dying, the owner of the Bullet expressed the wish of creating a religious hotspot there. The bike was taken to the local police station, but the next day it was again found at the accident site. Despite several attempts by the police, the motorcycle always found its way back to the accident scene mysteriously. Thus, this led to the building of the Bullet Baba temple, and people come here to worship the motorcycle. All those travellers on this route stop by the temple to pay their homage to the Bullet Baba and ask for protection.

There are many temples that can be added to the above list of mysterious temples of India. These temples and the rituals and mythological tales related to them are indeed perplexing. The mystery of these temples remains unsolved till date.

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