Must try delicacies to eat in Kolkata

Being known as the cultural capital of India, Kolkata has alluring magic such that no other city in India can compete with and its food has never failed to charm the visitors. From sweet dishes to snacks, there is a never-ending list of tempting delicacies to eat in Kolkata. Be it Roshogullas or phuchkas, their heavenly flavours will leave your taste-buds longing for more.

After reading this, you might just want to leave for Kolkata and get hacked by its irresistible dishes. Read on to know more about the traditional dishes to eat when in Kolkata. You can also find the best Kolkata hotels in budget for a comfortable stay.

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1. Mishti Doi

The best kind of frozen yoghurt you might have ever eaten. It is a tempting treat for those who love to eat sweet dishes as it offers a perfect blend of milk and sugar. Always buy it fresh from the legendary shops of Kolkata.

Where to Eat: Amrit Sweets, Jugal’s and Bheem Nag & Jadav Chandra Das

2. Macher jhol

Without fish, cooking is incomplete in Bengal. Whether curry or fried, usually accompanied with rice, it is a perfect dish for seafood lovers that one must not miss at any cost while trying the authentic Bengali food in Kolkata. Seasoned with traditional spices and made with all the love and affection they can offer.

Where to Eat: Peter Cat, 6 Ballygunge Place and Bhajahori Manna

3. Biryani of Kolkata

Kolkata Biryani is a heart-winning dish made in Awadhi style. A dish that is something one cannot miss while in Kolkata. It’s a tempting aroma of finely flavoured rice with potatoes that are cooked with rich herbs and spices. It tastes even more delicious when served with spicy hot and juicy chicken or mutton. If you don’t like to experiment on different food then you can pick this on without any worries.

Where to Eat: Royal Indian Hotel and Arsalan Restaurant

4. Shukto

Among the best traditional dishes to eat while in Kolkata is none other than Shukto. Shukto is a full vegetable kind of meal that always includes pumpkin, potato, bitter gourd and bottle guard. With sweet and savoury taste, the dish is paired either with their traditional flatbread or rice.

Where to Eat: Oh! Calcutta and Bhajahari Manna.

5. Phuchka

While taking Kolkata Street food Tour, phuchkas are a must. Kolkata is the only place where you can find phuchkas everywhere. Also known as pani puri and gol gappas in usual terms, these little bombs filled with meethi chutney and spicy masala are to die for. This is the reason why one can’t stop just at one phuchkas.

Where to Eat: Maharaja Chaat Center and Bhawanipore

6. Kathi Rolls

How many of you know that Kolkata was first to invent Kathi Rolls? The famous shop Zaika owns this credit of serving delicious stuffing with twists and variations wrapped in roti which can now be found in every other city.

Where to Eat: Nizam, Badshah and Hot Kathi Roll.

7. Chelo Kebab

A die-hard chicken lover must try this platter of chicken and mutton kebabs in Kolkata. It is served usually with veggies and steamed rice. You can enjoy this delicious platter both as a starter and in the main course.

Where to Eat: Peter Cat

8. Telebhaja

A perfect evening and monsoon snack to enjoy with a cp of tea. It has successfully retained its place among the best street food in Kolkata. From phuluri to benguni, these crunchy and crispy snacks covered in corn-flour are a treat to look for. Telebhaja is now even made of coriander leaves and raw mangoes.

Where to Eat: Dacre Lane and Kalika Mukhorochak at College Street

9. Alur torkari with Luchi

Take a break from your usual North Indian Aloo Poori and try Alur Torkari served with Luchi. A perfect meal with potatoes cooked in thick tomato gravy served with bread like chapatti or mostly luchi. It is among the best delicacies to eat in Kolkata for a perfect family dinner.

Where to Eat: Arsalan Restaurant

10. Roshogullas

A perfect end to any meal cannot be anything other than Kolkata’s special Roshogullas. Moreover, no Kolkata food guide is complete without mentioning roshogullas. The cottage cheese balls dipped in sugar syrup that just dissolves in your mouth.

Where to Eat: Balaram Mullick & Radharaman Mullick, K.C. Das & Bheem Nag and Hindusthan Sweets

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  • 1. What are the famous street-food dishes in Kolkata?
  • Phuchka, Kathi Rolls, Luchi and Alu Dom, Ghugni, Moghlai Paranthas, China Town Source and Samosas are the famous street-food dishes in Kolkata.

  • 2. Where one can eat the delicious dishes of Bengali cuisine?
  • Arsalan Restaurant, Oh! Calcutta, 6 Ballygunge Place and Peter Cat are among the best places to try authentic dishes to eat in Kolkata.

  • 3. What makes Bengali cuisine as a unique and distinctive among others?
  • The uniqueness is defined by the cooking style of the Bengali cuisine. A number of spices and vegetable used to make gravies are different from the ones used to make food in North India.