Make Your Visit to Amsterdam the Best Experience of Your Life

One of the most exotic places on Earth, Amsterdam always tops the priority list of the travelling enthusiasts due to its diverse culture and an active nightlife. This capital city of the Netherlands is so popular amongst tourists that it does not even require any marketing to woo them. The city offers a perfect blend of culture and history to its visitors. Below are a few things you must do while in Amsterdam to make your trip an experience of a lifetime

Climbing Westertoren

One of the tallest towers in Amsterdam, Westertoren provides its visitors with an unrivalled view of the city. They say the Rembrandt and others were buried in the church below, so to witness this you must reserve your time slot to visit the place. Only six people can enter the place at one time, for up to 30 minutes. This is a guided tour with an entrance fee.

Biking to Ouderkerk aan de Amstel

With its huge open green pastures, this village offers picturesque views to its visitors. If you love biking, hire a bike to reach here from the city centre. You will find several amazing restaurants on your way that are well- known for their palatable offerings.

Bungee Jumping at Faralda Crane Hotel

This high-profile hotel in Amsterdam hosts an exciting bungee jumping activity. You will love to admire the exotic views of the city from a height of 50 meters while jumping up and down.

Have a Blast at Ruigoord

A five-day Landjuweel Festival is considered one of the city’s most renowned events. This old village is well-known for its creative juices. Located at the western Amsterdam, several interesting events are hosted here throughout the year.

Do not forget to experience the world’s best acoustics at the concert, which also offers free lunch as an added attraction. If you are visiting the city during August, you must attend the Robeco Summer Night, which is a series of musical summer evenings filled with different music events, such as classical, pop, jazz, etc. and gives an unforgettable musical experience.

Fun at Karaoke Night

Awake that singer in you that was always looking for a stage to showcase the talent. This is a place where strangers become friends and the friends come closer. These karaoke nights offer unlimited fun to the visitors.

Renting a boat

Replace your private tours by renting your own boat and taking a ride through the many canals here. Don’t forget to split the rent by calling over a bunch of friends and enjoying the ride in a fun way.

Bubble fountain on Frederiksplein

This magical fountain is the best place to spend time with your friends till late at night. The bubble foam overflowing from any square will amuse you and keep you entertained.

Witness its home game

Even if you are not a soccer fan, witnessing a home game of Amsterdam is strictly recommended. Being amongst the enthusiastic fans shouting in their native language is exciting and a lot of fun. You might just become a soccer fan after watching this.

Vrijmarkt on King’s Day

Counted as the world’s wildest party, it was started way back in the year 1885. This is the only day in Amsterdam when you can drink publicly (limited to one drink). On rest of the days, you can be prosecuted with a fine. The city parties last throughout the night and these parties are generally shifted to the outskirts due to the massive attendance by the people from the neighbouring cities as well.

Explore Boom Chicago

Various storytelling and comedy nights with English as the primary language are hosted here. If you have an appetite for comedy, it is time to check out Mezrab and Easylaughs as comedy busters.

Gondola Ride at Amsterdam’s Canals

When it comes to gondola rides, Venice comes to the mind. Not many people know that Amsterdam has more canals than Venice and these make travelling through the city a mesmerising experience. A reasonably priced hand-crafted boat can be rented for a few hours which will take you through the city’s canals.

Hop on a pedalo

A pedalo is a kind of a boat. It is pedal operated and small in size. You can ride these boats yourself and go for a pleasure ride with your loved one. Help yourself navigate with a map. You will have countless options of routes to choose from.

A Friday Night Skate

Organised by a social night exercise institution, here the wheeled Amsterdammers move across the city as one large group once a week. They do this once a week since 1997.

Enjoy the local delicacies

With its commendable dining offerings, Amsterdam offers a list of must-try dishes. Rijsttafel is one such delicacy, which originated in Indonesia but was adapted by the Dutch to suit theirown tastes. This delicacy can satiate your taste buds with its exceptional flavours. Rice is prepared in different ways and served with side dishes like satay, egg rolls and pickles.

Museum N8

Known for its late museum parties, you can try several quirky activities here that will keep you occupied throughout the day.

Explore Anne Frank’s House

The story of Anne Frank is known to everyone through the diary she wrote when hiding from the Nazis, with her family. When in Amsterdam, do not forget to visit the house where she hid. By using the pictures of the movie stars, Anne’s room has been preserved. At the end of the tour, a video showing the real-life scenes is showcased.

Fun at Gezelligheid

These old, traditional pubs in Amsterdam named after its tobacco stained wallpaper and old-fashioned wood panels are an experience on their own. You will love to enjoy deep conversations here while satisfying your taste buds with deep fried snacks along with locally brewed beer.

Time for some shopping

From food to flowers, Amsterdam gives you plenty of reasons to spend your money in an extravagant way. Bloemen market and the Albert Cuypmarket are the two best shopping places to visit.

This comprehensive things-to-do-list will help you enjoy your Amsterdam vacation to the fullest. With myriad flight options available, travelling to Amsterdam is no longer a big deal, especially if you stay in a city like London. So, if you are planning to travel from London, you will find several London to Amsterdam flights on various travel portals that may also offer exciting deals on air tickets.