How to Make the Most of Your Chennai Visit

Visiting beautiful places and cherishing their splendour is their foremost goal of those for whom wanderlust is a way of life. They want to spend their vacations in places where they can relax and forget the stress of daily life. There are a lot of places in India where you can enjoy yourself to the fullest while rejoicing amidst the divine nature. Chennai is one such place for tourists from all around the globe. This city is full of activity and has a magnificent historical background. There are a lot of reasons why an adventurous traveller must visit this place. However, before we discuss those, you must know about the place a little.

Exceptional geographical features

The city of Chennai is located on the north-east of the state of Tamil Nadu in India. Owing to the fact that Chennai is a coastal city, one will come across a number of beaches and water-themed parks here. Chennai has many cultural, traditional and historical centres and museums that depict the rich heritage of this place in an impeccable manner. You will find a lot of temples and churches that entice travellers with their alluring charm and beauty. The rush of tourists in Chennai is constant and remains the same in every season. While there is a lot to discover and explore in this city, let us discuss those activities which gain the attention of visitors the most.

The keynotes to be kept in mind while visiting Chennai

We all plan a vacation to enjoy it thoroughly. Therefore, make sure that you have detailed information about the place that you are going to visit. So, if Chennai is the next city on your bucket list, then the below stated pointers will act as perfect guidelines for your trip making it worth it.

  • Elliot’s Beach must not be missed: The Elliot’s Beach is one of the cleanest beaches in peninsular India. Tourists spend their time on this beach by either relaxing or by soaking themselves in the sun. This beach is the epitome of scenic beauty, harbours zest and vitality in its waters that form frequent waves. The muddy sand awakens the dormant child within you and compels you to build castles out of the same.
    If you visit this beach, you are sure to have a wonderful time. Further, spending time on a soulful beach is a great means to restore peace of mind and body. There has been a great upsurge in the crowd that visits Elliot’s Beach over the past few years. Due to this, a large number of food stalls and fast food centres have opened here. You can appease yourself with the sumptuous meals at these restaurants that offer a lot of variety.
  • Bird lovers! There is a treat for you at the Pulikat Lake: Tourists who are fond of bird-watching can fulfil their desire at the Pulikat Lake, which is the second largest lagoon in India, after Chilika Lake. You can find a number of species of birds here.
  • Watersports grab the limelight: Swimming enthusiasts can nurture their fondness for water sports in Muttukadu that will get you closer to nature. It is a one-hour drive from South Chennai.
  • Enjoy fishing beside the coast: A large number of people fulfil their love for fishing at the Barracuda Bay that provides utmost delight.
  • Architectural hotspots: If you are a fan of the Dravidian architecture and want to witness its beauty, then Chennai is the right place for you. Every South Indian temple exhibits top-notch architecture that fascinates the tourists. The historical monuments along with the sky-high buildings are a perfect blend of tradition and innovation. To enjoy the city’s great architecture, do not forget to visit the historical places.
  • Behold the religious essence of Chennai: Chennai is popular because of the marvellous history and cultural richness. A lot of tourists and devotees visit the temples of Chennai in order to seek blessings from the Gods. Here in these temples, you can explore the spiritual arcades while getting the divine blessings from the majestic Gods. Want a respite from those buzzing streets? Visit these temples:
    • Kapaleeswarar Temple – The various God and Goddesses placed in this temple are worshipped in the form of peacocks. It is located in Mylapore, Chennai.
    • Marundheeswarar Temple – The people of Chennai regard this temple as the house of the ‘God of medicines.’ It is located in Thiruvanmiyur, Chennai.
    • Ekambareswarar Temple – It is a Hindu temple which is dedicated to the deity Shiva, located in Kanchipuram town. Here you will find several Gods under one roof.
    • Sri Vadapalani Andavar Temple –This temple is a popular shrine of Lord Murugan and located in Vadapalani, Chennai.
    • Kandhakottam – It is a notably spectacular Hindu temple in Chennai, which was built in the 1670’s. It is located at Rasappa Chetty St, Central Chennai.
  • Have a good time at water parks: If you have some time left after exploring all of the above, then you can visit the MGM Dizzee World that has many fun activities for its visitors.

Save your money by booking cheap flights

Tourists always need to keep the budget in mind. Look for the areas where you can save some money. For instance, stay updated on airfare while doing bookings for your trip. Refer to various websites and search engines to find the cheapest tickets. You just need to enter your city and travel destinations along with dates and number of people. For instance, if you need to travel from Mumbai to Chennai then use a reliable online travel site that will show you the cheapest rates available for the Mumbai to Chennai flights thereby saving you time and money. So, hurry up and start planning for your much-awaited trip to Chennai today!