Magnetic Fields Festival: A Mecca for EDM fans

Music Festivals in India are catching up like never before. What happens when you celebrate the modern and contemporary music and culture with Rajasthani heritage in the backdrop? Magnetic Field Music, that’s what!

What is it?

In 2014, Prince Abhimanyu Alsisar introduced the magical Magnetic fields Festival which has now become a global attraction and a throbbing and pulsating point of celebrating International underground music. It is one of the best and elite EDM festivals in India that is now celebrated annually in December every year.

It is hugely hyped because of the classic amalgamation of urban music and arts with the cultural heritage of Rajasthan. The three-day festival is hosted in Alsisar Mahal which is located in the Juhnjhunu district of Rajasthan.


Dubbed as India’s most unique boutique music festival, Magnetic fields Festival is held in the middle of desert in Rajasthan. Hosting a crowd of 4000 odd music lovers, artsy spirits, and adventure bugs, the pumped up luxury music festival is a futuristic and progressive edition of celebration. You can experience the time of your life here!

  • Artists from around the world perform at Alsisar Music Festival and showcase their indomitable diverse musical talent.
  • There is no deadline here! The festivity continuous for 72 hours non-stop and assures to blow your mind at the esoteric EDM festival.
  • A lot of experimental artists perform here to give you the taste of never-before-heard music. Alongside the crazy fashion moments of different cultures which is an added factor.
  • Despite the huge turnout, the festival isn’t overcrowded and offers the best spectacle one can ask for!
  • At Magnetic Fields Festival, the carefully curated light and visual decoration of the Palace adds to the vibe of the eclectically throbbing music. It is nothing less than a visual dream that hypnotizes the attendees of this magical festival.
  • You can also experience the local music that Alsisar Mahal hosts inside the palace to promote the traditional and folk music of Rajasthan.
  • Piano Man Jazz Club in the premise offers a classic boutique style Jazz room where one can enjoy the jam sessions later in the evening.
  • Among others, Bira 91 freeflow Garden where you can get some classic low hip hop beats and numbers.
  • The highlight of this festival is the tent and luxury accommodations in the palace and on the dessert.
  • One can get to the secret parties and sunrise parties and dive in the trippy atmosphere of the music festival that lures the EDM lovers from around the world.

Things to do

According to Magnetic Fields Festival reviews, it is not a place to just enjoy music and arts but one you can also dive in the cultural experience while taking part in the activities. Set amidst the desert, the host palace offers various activities and sessions where the visitors can let loose and indulge in to get the best experience.

  • Stargazing
  • Participants of the festival can enjoy stargazing the clear skies of Rajasthan above the Palace. If you are lucky enough, you might even witness shooting stars!

  • Yoga Workshop
  • Attendees can also opt for yoga workshops that help them calm their nerves. The primary idea of Alsisar Mahal Magnetic Fields Festival is to offer a getaway in the musical and magical realm of Rajasthani heritage.

  • Storytelling
  • Immersive VR story-telling by celebrated filmmakers and photographers from around the world can also be enjoyed and added as a part of the unique experience here.

  • Treasure Hunts
  • Theme-based treasure hunts that are intensely planned to involve the participants in the game. You will feel like being a part of a chase amidst a blowout celebration.

  • Folk Music Session
  • To promote and give the visitors a taste of the traditional sounds and music of Rajasthan, you will be seeing folk musicians playing around creating a contrast to the western music celebration.

  • Art Installations
  • Various stylish and creative art installations are also on display for visitors.

  • Alternative Workshops
  • This includes sound healing to DIY dream catchers and other creative sharing of knowledge and craft.

How to reach?

By Air: Nearest Airport is Delhi or Jaipur.

By Rail: Nearest Railway Station at Sadalpur.

By Road: 4 and 6 hours road trip from Jaipur and Delhi respectively.


Magnetic Fields Festival Accommodations offered by the palace are inclusive of the festival ticket.

  • Visitors can book rooms at the Alsisar Mahal.
  • Cost: 30k per person

  • Bedouin Deluxe and Luxury tents near the Mahal, as provided by the Palace
  • Cost: 40k-60k per person

  • Classic Tents
  • Cost: 20k per person

  • Pitch your own tent (Only space booking, carry your tent and sleeping bags)
  • Cost: 15k per person

  • Stay homes at Alsisar
  • Cost: Depends on the owner (usually 3-5k, festival passes not included)


Is there parking available?
Yes, parking at the palace or near the campsite is available.
Are the food and beverages included with the pass?
No, they are not included in the ticket prices.
What is the minimum drinking age at Magnetic Fields Festival?
The minimum drinking age is 25 years old.
Are the wristbands to the vent replaceable?
No, they are not to be replaced. Visitors are advised to take care of their bands.