Long Weekends and Travel Ideas For 2019

Long weekends give you the perfect opportunity to take a break from your hectic routine and they give you more satisfaction because you get a holiday on a weekday to make your weekend even better. You can plan a trip on these long weekends and get refreshed to face your routine again with renewed zeal. You would be glad to know that the year 2019 has as many as 10 long weekends. Although it is not possible to plan a trip on each of them, you can try for at least a few. Here is a list of long weekends in 2019 and the places where you can spend those weekends joyfully. These travel ideas are centered around beautiful beaches, snow-covered mountains and various festivals in India that you should not miss.

1. January

  • 12th January (Saturday)
  • 13th January (Sunday)
  • 14th January (Monday), Makar Sankranti

Makar Sankranti is celebrated along with the International Kite festival in the state of Gujarat. So, you must visit Ahmedabad during this period to witness the sky full of kites of various colours, shapes and sizes.

Apart from this, you can also visit Bikaner in Rajasthan to witness the Bikaner Camel Fair, which is organised on 12th and 13th January. The white desert in Kutch, Gujarat can also be a great holiday destination to visit during this first long weekend of the year.

2. March (Weekend 1)

  • 2nd March (Saturday)
  • 3rd March (Sunday)
  • 4th March (Monday), Mahashivratri

During this long weekend, you can visit Udaipur, which is also known as the city of lakes. You can have a good time exploring the many lakes, palaces and forts. Udaipur is also popular for its Rajasthani cuisine as well as local handicrafts. This long weekend, you can also visit Lakshadweep and explore the beautiful beaches along with the blue sea. Coorg is another good option if you want to spend some time away from the daily hustle-bustle and pollution of the city, surrounded by nature and some lovely coffee plantations.

3. March (Weekend 2)

  • 21st March (Thursday), Holi
  • 22nd March (Friday)- Take a leave
  • 23rd March (Saturday)
  • 24th March (Sunday)

If you want to celebrate Holi in a traditional way, then you should visit Vrindavan and Mathura. However, if you want to spend relaxing time during this long weekend, you should visit Goa. During this time, flights and hotels are relatively cheaper, and beaches are also not too crowded. This is the best time to enjoy Goa, since the weather is good, and it isn’t peak season.

4. April

  • 19th April (Friday), Good Friday
  • 20th April (Saturday)
  • 21st April (Sunday), Easter Sunday

This is the time when summer is starting in India. This is a good time to visit any hill station. Jammu and Kashmir can be a great option as you can enjoy the beauty of nature while getting relief from the hot weather. You can also visit Dalhousie to spend some time amongst the beautiful snow-covered mountains.

5. August (Weekend I)

In the months of May, June and July you don’t have any long weekends; although you can make some by taking leaves in between. However, in August you will get two long weekends.

  • 10th August (Saturday)
  • 11th August (Sunday)
  • 12th August (Monday), Bakri Eid

This long weekend comes during the rainy season, so you can plan a short vacation to Agumbe situated in South India. Here, you can enjoy the rainy season to the fullest. You can also visit Mangalore and enjoy a road trip while experiencing the bliss of getting wet in the rains.

6. August (Weekend II)

  • 15th August (Thursday), Independence Day
  • 16th August (Friday)- Take a leave
  • 17th August (Saturday)
  • 18th August (Sunday)

This is the perfect time for visiting the cold desert of Leh, Zanskar. Leh also has a number of high mountain lakes which are beautiful sights to see and explore. Explore the best of Ladakh during this 4-day long weekend.

7. September

  • 31st August (Saturday)
  • 1st September (Sunday)
  • 2nd September (Monday), Ganesh Chaturthi

During this time, you can visit the Tarkarli beach in Maharashtra. Daman and Diu can also be a good option if you enjoy water skiing. You can also enjoy camel riding there. If you are looking for a long weekend getaway in the Eastern parts of India, Kalimpong, a hill station in West Bengal is the best place to enjoy the scenic beauty of nature.

8. October (Weekend I)

  • 5th October (Saturday)
  • 6th October (Sunday)
  • 7th October (Monday)- It can be a restricted holiday for Navami or you can take a leave
  • 8th October (Tuesday), Dussehra

You can visit Kolkata to be a part of the Durga Puja celebrations. To witness Dusshera celebrations, you can visit Kullu in Himachal Pradesh or Mysore in Karnataka. You can also explore the Eastern part of Maharashtra by visiting Mahabaleshwar and Kaas Plateau where you can experience the mesmerising beauty of thousands of species of flowers.

9. October (Weekend II)

  • 26th October (Saturday)
  • 27th October (Sunday)
  • 28th October (Monday), Diwali holiday
  • 29th October (Tuesday), Bhai Dooj

During this long weekend of 4 days, you can visit the Taj Mahal in Agra along with the Golden Temple in Amritsar. Don’t forget to visit the Wagah Border if you are planning to travel to Amritsar. If you want to see spectacular fireworks on Diwali, then Varanasi is the destination for you.

10. November

  • 9th November (Saturday)
  • 10th November (Sunday)
  • 11th November (Monday)- Take a leave
  • 12th November (Tuesday), Guru Nanak Jayanti

If you are interested in exploring wildlife, you can visit the Bharatpur sanctuary for bird watching or Sundarbans to have a glimpse of the Royal Bengal Tiger during this long weekend. Pushkar fair is organised in Rajasthan around the same time. So, you can attend that as well. Snow-capped Manali can also be a great option.

This is a detailed list of long weekends in 2019 and some holiday ideas for each of them. So, plan in advance Flight & Hotel booking and make the year memorable with some wonderful holiday experiences.