How to get cheap flights to Malaysia

The holidays are coming and you thought about getting out of your comfort zone to travel to an Asian destination like Malaysia. However, the moment you open Google and search for ticket prices, you”ll be shocked to see how expensive they can get. Most people would lose their will to travel and would just rather stay at home while looking at their friends” Facebook and Instagram photos of Malaysia. However, it can still be possible for you to go to Malaysia so long as you know when and how to book for cheap fares.


1. Travel during the offseason (Eight-week rule)

You can get cheap tickets for as early as eight weeks especially if you travel during the Malaysian off periods particularly before and during their exams. This usually happens around April or May. So better hold off any of your plans and wait for airline promotions during that period.

A famed economist once created a formula that proved that it is best to travel to Asian destinations such as Malaysia eight weeks before your flight. During this time, carriers aim to attract more seats by offering discounted fares. So it”s safe to say that you can get cheap ticket prices at if you try to book at least two months ahead.

2. Try to be more flexible with your travel date

Flexibility has always been important when it comes to getting cheap flights. It can make a huge difference if you travel a day or even a few hours earlier than your intended time of departure. Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays tend to have the cheapest scheduled flights. Also, try travelling during the afternoon for maximum savings.

3. Buy tickets from the airlines website

Avoid booking your seats with travel agents or with airfare search engines. Instead, search for local carriers and then go to their websites. It can be cheaper for you to go to the airlines” own website as airfare search engines would tend to be more expensive because of the top-up. More importantly, you can also get promos, discounts, and exclusive offers that search engines don”t have.

4. Don”t book direct flights

If possible, avoid taking a direct flight to popular destinations in Malaysia. Instead, try booking flights that don”t go directly to Kuala Lumpur International airport as tickets would tend to be more expensive. Maybe you should book a flight into Subang or somewhere a little far. You might need to spend extra time and money to make it to your final destination but you”ll be shocked to see the savings you can get if you try to avoid flying into Kuala Lumpur.

5. Check different airlines and seat classes

Different airlines have different rates. However, you can actually save more if you fly business class in a low-cost airline than flying economy in luxury carriers. Don”t shy away from business fares especially if you are checking for flights with a low-cost carrier. And because Malaysia Airline ticket prices, for example, have plummeted down because of their recent calamities, you can actually buy cheap business-class tickets with them than with another airline.

6. Like and follow airlines on social media

It can be a little shameful to like and follow airlines on Facebook and on Twitter. However, a little shame can get you a lot of savings especially because some carriers offer exclusive deals and promos for loyal customers that would want to fly with them again. To make sure you don”t miss out on any of those deals, follow a lot of airlines as much as possible.

And to make sure you get to save more money, travel around April and May or on September and October as these tend to be the off-season in Malaysia and for most other Asian destinations. So why are you waiting for book a cheap flight to Malaysia with amazing deals on prices.